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    Complete your team's entire draft top to bottom, i'll start with mine.....

    1st- Brandon Lafell, WR, LSU- We get our future #1 WR here, any of the other 6 top guys are a option Lafell just seems to make the most since and should be here at 25, Thomas is a option depending on how well he runs, catches, etc. at the combine.

    2nd- Tyson Alualu, DE, Cal- One of my favs in this class, active 3-4 DE that will rotate early and eventually start

    3rd- Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida- He's a burner, might not drop here because of size/speed and playmaking ability he may not fall this far but this is where he is slated now

    4th- Colin Peek, TE, Alabama- Another favorite, oustanding blocker, ask Sergio Kindle. Underrated athlete that catches the ball well, will come in as the #2 TE and eventually take over for Heap

    5th- Devin Ross, CB, Arizona- Will be a very good nickel corner in the NFL, good speed and good special teams, small frame but tough.

    6th-Doug Worthington, DT, Ohio St.- could develop into a solid back-up 3-4 DE

    7th- Lamarcus Coker, HB, Hampton- Former Tenn player, transferred to Hampton after getting into some trouble, got himself back together, great speed, gives us a little depth at the position with Mcgahee's situation being unknown at this point
  2. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    1st- Earl Thomas FS Texas....clark sucks, carter is a backup, the secondary struggled without troy...this man is special, if hes there at 18 they better take him.

    2nd- Maurkice Pouncey Center Florida....a man crush of mine will finally get that bum butt snitch hartwig out of the center, he couldnt anchor a boat.

    3rd- Ciron Black OT LSU- Had a rough year but has all the tools to be a beast RT or guard
    3rd (B) Alex Carrington- Exactly what you look for in a 34end, everything evander hood isnt and never will be

    4th- Cam Thomas NT North carolina, hamton is out...hopefully we can land a guy like thomas or al woods in the second half of the draft.

    5th- Micah Johnson MLB Kentucky- Farriors replacement in the middle....the man is a hammer

    6th- Obrien Schofield....OLB, tore his acl at the senior bowl, IR his butt and get yourself a beast in 2011

    7th- Leigh Tiffin Kicker Alabama- Reed is out most likely, hes a freaking clown anyway
  3. cover the spread

    cover the spread beastin'

    1st-Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan-Perfect size to play in the 3-4, excellent pass rusher and good against the run, the type of LB Belichick would love.

    2nd-Golden Tate WR Notre Dame-Great young player who would fill an immediate need with Welker out. Plus he'll be mentored by one of the best playmaking WR's of all time.

    2nd-Brandon Spikes ILB Florida-While Guyton's shown a lot of heart and potential, Spikes has the ability to start and be an impact player immediately. Pairing him up with Mayo will help shore up the run defense and bring much needed aggression to the unit as a whole.

    2nd-Joe Mcknight RB USC-No more 30 yr old runningbacks (Faulk can stay) and no more runningback by committee. Get a playmaker who can help establish the ground game and take pressure off Brady.

    *Trade Adalius Thomas to Cleveland for a 3rd round pick*

    3rd-Marshall Newhouse G TCU-With Neal contemplating retirement the need to improve the interior of the oline is a must. A Center could be considered here as well.

    4th-Andre Roberts WR/KR Citadel-Provides solid depth at the WR position and an upgrade on returns, an area that definitely needs improvement.

    RD 6-7: BPA
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    If I'm my team's GM, my first move is to fire myself & wait for the 'new GM' to post how he's going to unravel this cluster heck I've created...
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    Great and realistic draft top to bottom, love the Thomas pick

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    Graham would be perfect for you guys and i really like Tate on your squad. I dont think you can get a 3rd for Adalius tho. Also i really like Roberts, i think he is working himself into the 3rd.
  6. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i doubt pouncey is available at 52 but if we could grab thomas/mcclain/bulaga in round one and pouncey in round two i would be so thrilled i wouldnt know what to do with myself
  7. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    1-Pat Robinson- CB, FSU

    2- Jared Veldheer- OT, Hillside

    3- Jon Asamoah- OG Illinois

    4- Torrell Troup- DL, Central Florida

    6- Taylor Price- WR, Ohio (will probobly wind up much higher)

    7- Jeff Owens, NT, Georigia
  8. First Round: Brandon Spikes - MLB - University of Florida

    Second Round: Terrance Cody - DT - University of Alabama

    Third Round: Major Wright - S - University of Florida

    Fourth Round: Brandon Carter - OG - Texas Tech

    Fifth Round:
    George Selvie - DE - South Florida

    Sixth Round: Zoltan Mesko - P - University of Michigan

    Seventh Round: Chris Carter - WR - UC Davis
  9. Jihad Joe

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    That would be a solid draft
  10. cover the spread

    cover the spread beastin'

    I don't think the 'Boys would need to go CB with their first pick. Newman still has it and Jenkins came on strong down the stretch of the season. A FS like Major Wright could be a good prospect for the team.
  11. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    We could go alot of different directions at #1, but odds are no one will make the 2010 starting lineup, unless its maybe Nate Allen

    Newman is also getting older, and we are in a division loaded with talented young WR's. You are gonna need 3 starting quality CB's in the NFC East, or else you are gonna get burned
  12. Spikes I've said plenty about. Would be the Michael Strahan of our D. Brings alot of leadership and intelligence. Always love when players stay all four years of college, especially Quarterbacks and Linebackers.

    We can still get a blue chip linebacker in the first and a mammoth defensive tackle later on in Terrence Cody. He has impressive size at 6-5, 365 pounds and is a tremendous run stuffer. He would take over the nose position in the 4-3 and move Cofield to the right side of the line. He just needs to slim down a little and gain more endurance.

    Major Wright offers solid size at 6' 205 pounds and solid range. Would eventually take over for Michael Johnson down the road. A solid hitter with good ball skills, Wright had 8 career interceptions in three seasons with the Gators.
  13. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    you would definitely want dan williams over cody to play in a 43, 43 DTs still need to offer pressure, cody is a man that will take at least 2 blockers so a 34 DE can take one or 2 and allow the LBs to get through, he offers nothing in a 43. Dan Williams is a penetrating DT, he would be great on the giants
  14. Cody displayed in his two seasons at Alabama that he can penetrate and get into the opponents backfield with 10.5 tackles for a loss, including 6 in 2009. He may not be a sack artist, but not many defensive tackles are. Cody's biggest knock is weight, if he can keep that under control, he'll beast.

    With the release of Antonio Pierce, I feel MLB is our top priority this offseason. Besides Karlos Dansby, who would command a good amount of coin, the pickings are slim at the position in Free Agency.

    Dan Williams is good but we don't have anyone behind AP that we can be comfortable enough to bypass someone of Spikes' caliber and select Williams imo. We need to install youth, leadership and athleticism to the linebacker core and Spikes certainly fills that void. And this is a very rich draft, we can always nab a DT in the later rounds.
  15. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    43 teams will not hold cody in high regard....i would be shocked if they took cody while williams was on the board
  16. I don't believe Dan Williams will still be on the board when we pick in the mid second round. He has a good chance to be selected anywhere from the mid to late first round, especailly with good combine numbers. Theres some talk of Williams being a candidate as a 3-4 nose tackle, same as Cody.

    My fallback at that point of the draft would be Aurthur Jones from Syracuse. Good quickness and speed for the position with a non stop motor.
  17. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    cody and williams will be long gone by the second...both are easy first round locks

    some like dan williams as a NT, i dont
  18. Williams, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Cody, not as much. I think he may slip because of conditioning issues and his motor runs hot and cold. His weight nearly hovered around 400 pounds at one point in his career. He doesn't always give it his all on every play. If he can work on that and keep his weight under control, he'll be a fantastic player.

    But at this point, I'm not sure if I would call Cody a first round lock. But he has two months with the combine and his Pro Day to show teams that he can be a solid first rounder with good measurements and workout numbers.
  19. K Train

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    he showed at the senior bowl he simply cant be moved, you cant get a hand on him and expect to change his direction. hes very coachable and will lose weight when he has takes a big man like that 5 days to lose 30+ pounds. hes just to rare of a player someone will take him in the first i guarantee it
  20. chiefswin19games

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    Round 1, pick # 5: Russel Okung, OT, Ok St.

    Round 2, pick # 36: Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

    Round 2, pick # 50: Ed twinkyson, TE, Oregon

    Round 3, pick # 69: Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

    Round 4, pick # 104: Darrell Stuckey, S, Kansas

    Round 5, pick # 141: Eric Olsen, OG, Notre Dame

    Round 5, pick # 147: Charles Scott, RB, LSU

    Round 6, pick # 179: Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA