Bears Aquire DT Darwin Walker For 5th Rd. Pick

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    Bears acquired DT Darwin Walker from the Bills in exchange for an undisclosed 2008 draft pick. Buffalo likely got a fifth-round pick or better from Chicago; the Bills would've received a sixth-rounder had Walker continued to hold out of training camp and had his rights revert to the Eagles. Walker will add depth and a proven pass-rushing interior presence behind Tommie Harris in Chicago. The Bears have probably already worked out an agreement to redo his contract.

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    Oh, crap. I was really hoping that he would come back to the birds and that we could get a draft pick out of a trade. Good luck to him in Chitown.
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    Bears send fifth-round pick to Bills for Walker

    Bears send fifth-round pick to Bills for Walker

    The Chicago Bears, for weeks looking for extra help in the middle of their defensive line, traded a fifth-round pick to the Buffalo Bills for disgruntled defensive tackle Darwin Walker.

    Walker, who was traded from the Eagles to the Bills in the Takeo Spikes deal, failed to report to the Bills and would have gone back to the Eagles had he not shown up by Aug. 5. Walker wanted a new contract from the Bills, but they weren't willing to satisfy his desire.

    The Bears have been looking for defensive line help since losing Tank Johnson, Ian Scott and Alfonso Boone since last season. They had been monitoring the Walker situation for weeks, and he is a definite fit for their defense.

    Though it is not known whether or not a new deal with Walker has been consummated, it is expect the Bears would consider opening dialogue.

    Had he gone back to the Eagles, Philadelphia would have given the Bills a sixth-round pick.

    Darwin Walker Engineered to Sack

    From his website

    The off-season has begun, and I am looking forward to my training regimen. However, in the meantime my wife and I just had our 1st baby, and we are loving every minute. I look forward to smashing QBs next season, but right now I have to tend to my future QB killa.
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    I hope the bears enjoy walker.
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    we will get a year out of him and that will be all..he is just a stop gap.
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    That sucks donkey butt. I was hoping he'd contribute to the Bills this season. 5th rounder... whoop-de-crap.
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    That should be good enough.
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    Actually, I was suprised this trade was made. Oh well, I look foward to Mr. Walker contributing to DA BEARS. :icon_cool:
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    yeh it sort of came out the blue...
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    While this deal was a suprise to me, it actually makes sense. We lost Ian Scott to Philadelphia, Alfonso Boone to Kansas City, and Tank Johnson to the curb.