Bears RB Chester Taylor Among Soon-To-Be-Cut RB's On Cardinals' Radar?

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  1. While the Cardinals are saying they aren't panicking over adding a veteran back to help replace rookie Ryan Williams, who Pro Football Weekly hears was looking great before suffering a season-ending knee injury, word is it's only a matter of time before they do so. Hot names on the rumor mill include Chester Taylor, Tashard Choice and Steve Slaton, who are widely expected to be cut by the Bears, Cowboys and Texans, respectively.

    Source: Pro Football Weekly
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    Wouldn't be a horrible addition...
  3. P16

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    I would love this addition. Give him a 1 year deal, perfect 3rd down back to spell Beanie while we also have an emerging star in Stephens-Howling as a Darren Sproles type change of pace back. Please say the Bears cut guy so we can add him and set our backfield for the season.
  4. I can't wait until they release him....Good luck Card's!!!
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    Gonna be today...
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    Steve Slaton would be a good pick up too I think. He's a good receiving RB and is a solid running back. He had a bad season last year but I think he'll be a good pick up.