Bears RB Marion Barber May Face Fine For Not Talking To Media

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Sweets, Dec 15, 2011.

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    An NFL official confirmed a letter was sent to Bears running back Marion Barber earlier this week notifying the seven-year veteran he has not been in compliance with the league's media relations policy according to Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune. Barber did not address the media Sunday after the 13-10 overtime loss in Denver, he made two critical mistakes in the game, falling out of bounds late in regulation and fumbling in overtime. Barber, who routinely declines interview requests, avoided the media Wednesday but vowed to speak Thursday. If he fails to talk by Friday, he is expected to be assessed a $10,000 fine, according to a source, if Barber maintains his silence during the practice week and doesn't speak to reporters after Sunday's matchup with the Seahawks, he would face an additional $20,000 fine.

    Source: The Redzone
  2. Starkiller501

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    If someone doesn't want to talk, they shouldn't have to talk. I know how humiliated I'd have been if I'd lost my team the game
  3. Steve12

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    He should be fined. Talking to the media is a part of being an NFL player. He doesn't get a pass because he hecked up. Players that screw up talk to the media every week. He shouldn't get out of it just because he's shy or something.
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    I'm sure if he went off for 211 yards and three scores and they won 21-0 he'd have been all about speaking to the media. You have to be consistent. Not only that but what would we have to discuss here if they all didn't speak? It's essential for the promotion of the sport.

    We'd lose all those Tony Romo sound bytes after he blew the game if he could just shower and go home. Or how about Hall saying he should be cut? Lol. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Old enough to remember that one?
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    That's cool. He can talk but if he says to them verbatim "We lost the freaking game" he better not be fined for cursing or getting pissed at the media. Being an NFL player doesn't mean the media get's a free shot at you. Would you rather him Ryan Leaf the reporters? Goodell needs to figure out how to make the game better, not constantly make it look more and more dumb.
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    It's not a free shot, it's letting reporters do their jobs because guess what, even though he hecked up and might be sad/mad/wanting crying in a corner alone, it's news. Big news, because the NFL is the most popular sports league there is, and that's why these guys get paid so freaking much. Part of what comes with the turf is being a part of that news cycle/process even if it's at your expense when you play such a clear role in the decision of a game in that league.

    And saying he should be able to curse and say whatever he wants is just being ridiculous. This stuff is all obviously in his contract, and if he refuses to do it, he shouldn't be surprised at being punished because that's what should happen for stubborn-headed jackassery.
  7. myCoch

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    Or how about when he failed that back flip and did a face plant instead? That, to me, was the funniest part of this season. Did he not own up to that? Same stuff, you live and die by what happens on that field. Wanna celebrate the good, then own up to the bad.
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    Good. Screw him, I hate him

    He's that guy the homers say "Da Barbarian will be back, dag nabit, once we REALIZE how to use him properly danggit. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haw".......which we finally did when we cut him

    I love the Cowboys, but I freaking hate alot of the fans
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