Bears Vs Chargers

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Who will win this game?

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    The San Diego Chargers host the Chicago Bears at Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday 08/14/10. Kickoff time is 9:00 pm EST


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    Is this being televised live on the dish? NFL Network is not showing it until 10pm on Sunday. :(

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    Bears first offensive drive was good. Cutler and Knox hooked up a couple times. Drive was killed by a sack where Forte missed a block.

    Craig Steltz hurt.

    Johnny Knox out of the game with a minor ding, nothing serious.

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    First half thoughts:
    -First team offense played one drive, had a nice drive.
    -First team defense wasn't all that great. No pass rush, some blown coverages.
    -Nothing too major injury wise, Steltz getting dinged did allow Major Wright more reps. He played the entire first half more or less.
    -My boy Matt Mayberry (UDFA from my alma mater Indiana) played a lot, has been making an impression in camp apparently.
    -Still like what I see from Aromashadu, I think he will bust out this season.
    -OL play is still a problem. Run blocking was HORRIBLE. Just awful. Mike Tice has no shortage of work to do with this group.
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    1st pre-season game = MEH


    6 sacks & 2.CRAP YPC?