Benching Of Cowboys LB Bruce Carter Still A Mystery

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    "I'm just trying to find the best combination for our football team at that position," linebackers coach Matt Eberflus said. "I'm still working that out. You got first down, you got second down and you got third down. Both of them have different things they bring to the table in terms of helping our football team, and we're going to work that combination during the course of the game and see what the best thing is for us to win."

    Carter finished with six tackles and Sims with three. It's hard to say who took the lead, or if the rotation should continue, but coach Jason Garrett explained why Carter didn't at least start.

    "He responded really well, really well," Garrett said. "He practiced this week, and you know Ernie got the start and Ernie played a lot in this ballgame, but Bruce got his chanced and he made some plays in this game. The best part about him is his demeanor and his spirit. We saw a little of Bruce Carter out there today, which is good. Flying around, making plays, having an impact on the game. He did a really good job."


    Lddbck's Take: I would think by week nine you would know your players and how to use them.
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    not really a mystery. he hasn't understood the scheme and is playing too mentally slow. whether that's changing or not remains to be seen. but it needs to. he's too god **mn good of a player to be struggling.
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    Sims is struggling he let Christian ponder score a TD that nearly broke his ankles

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    Ponder's elusive as all get-out, though. Can't blame him for that.
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    Simms has been terrible. Honestly don't think he has been bad outside horrible games against SD and Denver

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    Carter has been bullying demarcus ware