Bengals CB Adam 'Pacman' Jones Delivers 'Uncut' Message At Rookie Symposium

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    Contrary to the opinion of some observers, Adam “Pacman†Jones believes the NFL’s decision to bring him in to speak at the annual Rookie Symposium this week makes perfect sense.

    “Guys tend to run away when they feel pressure. I had the chance to run away,†Jones said in an interview aired by the NFL Network on Tuesday. “I refuse to do that because the guys need to know really what is happening out there. Not what you want to hear, not the cut message. It needs to be really uncut so guys can know what guys are going through and what situations they need to stay away from.â€

    This is the second straight year that Jones, 29, will speak at the symposium and it’s also the second straight year he will appear after tangling with the law: Two weeks ago, he pleaded not guilty to assault charges after being accused of striking a woman at a Cincinnati bar.

    Jones, entering his fourth year with the Bengals, has also been suspended twice by the NFL for off-field conduct in his eight years since joining the league.

    Asked by the NFL Network why Jones would be invited back to speak to the rookies, NFL vice president of player engagement Troy Vincent said: “Adam has a story. (He) did a phenomenal job last year. We support Adam, I and my staff. We believe in Adam. The last thing we want to do is turn our backs on Adam.â€

    Vincent gave a thumbs-up to Jones’ presentation a year ago, saying it was exactly what incoming players need to hear.

    “It was self-responsibility, and the young men here in this room, the 254 drafted rookies, the last thing you want to do is fabricate things to them,†he said. “Adam was real. It was unfiltered, it wasn’t script, and the guys appreciate that.â€

    Source: Sporting News
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    For a minute there I was worried he was discussing circumcision.
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    Fore it or against it?
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    That's great but how much more would his testimony mean if he'd actually do a complete 180? I believe that he's helping rookies with his story but couldn't they look at it and say..."Well, Pacman managed to make it through. Why do I need to change?"??