Bengals Owner Mike Brown Calls The NFL's Offer 'Very Generous'

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    Bengals president Mike Brown, who has been involved in every NFL work stoppage, said on the first day of this one that he sees the league playing games in 2011. "I can say one thing is similar about all of (the work stoppages)," said Brown Saturday morning in his Paul Brown Stadium office. "At some point they do come to an end and you get back together and do what we do and play football. This one will be no different." As a member of the NFL's negotiating committee with the players, Brown could talk about the owners' offer on Friday to the players just before the NFL Players Association decertified. "I thought it was very generous offer and thought it was going to bring the union into serious talks. It was disappointing it didn't do that. They stood by their long-term strategy. This offer didn't ask veteran players to take a step back...Our people at the end tried to split the difference. We understood the difference was $640 million and our people offered to split the difference." Brown feels that NFL teams asking for some relief isn't unreasonable. "I don't apologize for the offer. These are guys that average, what, $2 million a year? It's a tremendous situation they have. And it has become burdensome for the teams. Yes, the teams are asking for some relief going forward. I don’t think that was unreasonable. Especially for the union's core constituency. The veteran players who weren't asked to take a step backward at all."

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    No they weren't asked to take a step backwards. Just loosen up their wallets. Butthole.

    Funny how the owners and their reps are taking this fight to the media to try to discredit the NFLPA(or whatever). When the public doesn't give a damn, we just want football to resume ASAP.
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    The owners would have extended the last CBA exactly how it was. The players wanted more money.
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    They both claim to be on the fans side but the truth is they're in it for themselves and don't give a crap about the fans.

    If you care so much about the fans how about dumping the blackout rule or dropping ticket prices in a recession.
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    Are you serious?