Bengals Unlikely To Pursue WR Terrell Owens

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    There was a time when the interest between Terrell Owens and the Bengals was mutual, but that ship has sailed and right now the courtship is one-sided. For the last month people close to Owens have been talking about how much he wants to play for the Bengals and his agent Drew Rosenhaus also mentioned Cincinnati during an interview on ESPN's NFL Live on Friday. The Bengals keep being brought up for a variety of reasons - it's the only team he has visited so far during free agency, the friendship with Chad Ochocinco and Owens' desire to come to a team on the cusp of making a playoff run this year. However, there are just as many reasons why the Bengals are unlikely to take a second look at Owens - the drafting of Jordan Shipley and Dez Briscoe, the signing of Antonio Bryant to a four-year, $28 million contract and the fact that Owens struggled in Buffalo last year with just 55 receptions. To Owens' credit, he did keep his mouth shut and said the right things during a frustrating year in Buffalo, but many still see him as a problem player throughout the league - a 37-year old problem player.

    Source: Cincinnati Enquirer
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    Could you imagine the anarchy that would ensue with T.O. and Ochocinco in the same locker room? It would be insanely entertaining! But seriously, thanks for the update Cincinnati. I think the teams saying they're not interested is getting a little old. These teams just need to let it go. If you don't want him, fine.
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    I think this is a smart move by the Bengals. With Chad ocho cinco already in the locker room. Imagine if you brought in Owens into the mix. It just wouldn't be good
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    pac-man's over there too
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    good move, we don't want any distractions on our team