Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco Shrugs Off $30,000 Fine

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    Cincinnati Bengals flamboyant wide receiver Chad Ochocinco shrugged off his $30,000 fine for donning a poncho and a sombrero on the sidelines Sunday, and he promised to top that act the next time he scores a touchdown. "It's OK," the outspoken wideout said today. "They keep jacking them up, I'll keep jacking up the celebrations. I play to have fun. I don't play for the dollar amount. "Maybe that's why they take so much money, because they think we play for the money. Maybe they'll get the point, I'm here to have fun. Not for the money." When asked if the sideline display was worth it considering how expensive the fine was, Ochocinco issued a sharp reply: "You're damn right it was." Ochocinco said he wants to lock up with the Minnesota Vikings' mascot next and snatch his horn. "I'm not sure where I can find the Viking guy at, but hopefully if I hit the end zone, I mean when I hit the end zone, I'll be sure to snatch it from him," he said. "I hear he's pretty chiseled. I might have to tussle with him a little bit.

    Source: National Football Post