Big roster moves needed?

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    One of the many to have Romo go down for them but I'm not in as big of a panic mode as some others. Seems like there are some possible good options on the waiver in general to better my team and want to know if some of the guys I already have are worth dropping now or waiting a bit longer. 1) Eli Manning is my back up to Romo, should I drop Romo for Carr or another QB to hopefully play the better match ups until he comes back and I can try and get him back off waivers? 2) Is Romo worth the bench spot for 8 weeks since the league doesn't have IR spots? 3) Are any of the Arizona RB's worth holding on to? I have Ellington and CJ, considering dropping CJ for M. Jones or should it be R. Bush? Currently have the 11th waiver pick of 12 teams so I'll be lucky to snag Jones i'm sure. Thanks.

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  2. PeteTheGreek

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    1) Romo not worth the roster spot, especially if you have a limited bench
    2) I'd probably hold both Cards backs for now, but too bad you missed out on David Johnson
    3) I'd make Romo my drop for whoever your top priority is. Jones and Karlos Williams should be owned, imo.
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    If you had Ellington and D. Johnson in a league that only allows 4 RB's would you drop one for Jones?
  4. Kurt

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    D. Johnson is competing with 2 other backs for snaps -

    Jones is only competing with one (Morris).

    I say get Jones.