Bill Parcells Packs His Bags, Moves Out Of Dolphins' Offices

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  1. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports via twitter that Miami Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells has packed his bags and has moved out of Dolphins' offices. Schefter writes that Miami knew this move was coming, just not this soon. Parcells stepped down as executive vice president of football operations and turned over control to Jeff Ireland on September 7th. That was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Parcells signed a four-year contract in December 2007 and is signed through the 2011 season, but he is free to leave at any time and still collect his salary.
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  2. Roy31

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    Anyone find the timing of this a bit fishy? He packs his bags and leaves the exact same day as Bobby Carpenter is released?
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  3. Interesting theory....didn't really come to mind. :icon_cool:
  4. Wonder where Parcells' next project will be?
  5. 86WARD

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    Back to
  6. I think Jerry would rather stick with Phillips for the next five seasons than bring Parcells back. lol
  7. One team that immediately comes to mind is Buffalo.

    If there is one person that can make that team legit overnight....its Tuna. But that would certainly be his biggest project to date. He's molded both New York teams in the Giants & Jets into contenders. Let's see if he can do the same with a team that actually plays in the state of New York. lol
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    You are probably 99.999% right.
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    Which is the exact reason why the Cowboys could be floundering for years to come. At some point Jerry Jones has to shut his mouth and keep his hands off the team in terms of coaching and going behind coaches backs and signing or trading for players that are malcontents.

    Which is the exact reason why Parcells left Dallas in the first place.
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    Wed welcome him in GB. He'll Win us something :)
  11. TheSnowman

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    Buffalo is definitely the biggest challenge, I just don't know if he'd go that way for a few reasons. But I don't know the guy, so we'll see. What do you figure the chances are of him actually going anywhere in the next year and a half or so?
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    His last few stops have been to fair weather cities. Maybe he will go and fix the 49ers.
  13. ragman

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    Agree on both points.

    My money is that he goes to the NY area. He likes it there, and he likes to go to Saratoga Springs and bet on the horses that race there.
  14. Bill Parcells would be an Eddie D move.....I don't see the York's having the brain capacity to make such a move.