Bill Polian Regrets QB Backup Plan, Blames It For His Firing By Colts

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    Bill Polian made one big mistake with the Colts: Not having an adequate backup for Peyton Manning. It cost the vice chairman and his son their jobs. Polian told The Associated Press on Wednesday that not grooming a replacement for the injured Manning was the primary reason the Colts collapsed this season, going from Super Bowl contender to the league's worst record. "I've always told the staff that our approach should be to hope for the best but plan for the worst, and I didn't do an adequate enough job of planning for the circumstances we were in," Polian said in a telephone interview. "It led to this catastrophe." When asked if he was referring specifically to finding a backup for Manning, Polian said: "Yes."

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    The ironic thing in Indianapolis is with the team they have, Manning possibly coming back, the number one pick overall and in a "rebuilding" stage...a guy like Polian is exactly what you want
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    He had a plan?