Bills Release QB Trent Edwards

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    The Buffalo Bills announced the release of quarterback Trent Edwards. Edwards has struggled as the starting quarterback this season, completing 29-of-52 pass attempts for 241 yards with a touchdown and pair interceptions for a 58.3 passer rating as the Bills opened the regular season 0-2. Bills head coach Chan Gailey replaced Edwards with Ryan Fitzpatrick for Sunday's 38-30 loss to the New England Patriots. A 2007 third-round pick (92nd overall) out of Stanford, Edwards (6-4, 231) has started 32 of his 34 NFL games, completing 60.9% of his 878 pass attempts for 5,739 yards, with 25 touchdowns and 27 interceptions for a career passer rating of 76.8. Edwards turns 27 on October 30, and had been earning a $1.65 million base salary in the final year of his rookie contract.

    Source: Mac's Football Blog
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  2. TDJets72027

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    no shocker
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    That's pretty quick... He goes from starting week 2 to being released 8 days later. Fitz isn't the answer but he proved Edwards was a big part of the problem.
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    saw it coming
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    Well, they still have Brohm :icon_cheesygrin:
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    why release him though unless they're just trying to save a few bucks .................. ?? he wasn't making that much ...........
  7. The Bills have so many problems.
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    no way hes a starter, but also no way id release him over brohm. i think he can end up being a solid backup for the right team
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    The Bills releasing Trent Edwards is not a shocker. It is a shocker that they did it in the middle of the season. Go through training camp and 3 weeks of the season and then release the guy? Now they are back to square one and have to go out and sign a which most likely won't be as good as Edwards...
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    Doesn't make much sense to me. Why not let him at least finish as a back up?