Bills WR Roscoe Parrish Working Out The "Wildcat"

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    Trent Edwards joked about his role in the "wildcat" formation used by the offense. Edwards contends the Bills are working on it at camp to prepare the defense for games against the wildcat users, like the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. Wide receiver Roscoe Parrish looks quite comfortable taking the snaps with Edwards lined up to the side. To which Edwards joked, "Our quarterback in that set hasn't gotten me the ball and it's a little frustrating."

    Source: Democrat & Chronicle
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    could be a good position for Roscoe, if he can throw the ball somewhat
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    If I'm not mistaken he was a high school QB. I don't know how much he'd be throwing though. I don't see them using it very much
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    lol @ Edwards
  5. The Bills don't have the line to be running the Wildcat and they probably don't have the intuitive grasp of the offense that David Lee does. That's why I roll my eyes when I hear teams other than the Fins are running it, they really don't know what they're doing and it shows in how fast the play develops. The problem is most coaches have such huge egos they can't admit that something's been done that they can't teach.
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    If you read it, it says they are just running it to prepare the defense for it...