Brandon Marshall Guarantees Dolphins Will Make The Playoffs

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  1. Brandon Marshall, making his weekly appearance on WQAM with Michael Irvin, just invoked Tim Tebow in “guaranteeing†the Dolphins will make the playoffs. “No one is happy, sitting at 4-4,†Marshall said. “There’s some concern there. But we have a Dolphins team that will be in the playoffs and will contend in the championship game. This is not a Tim Tebow moment. We have what we need to be a championship team. Guaranteed, from here on out we will compete, we won’t lay down and we’ll make the plays necessary to win the game.†If the Dolphins do rally to make the playoffs — and right now they stand ninth overall in the AFC, three spots from a playoff berth — it would be the first postseason trip for Marshall since he came into the league in 2006. He made 20 catches as a rookie on a 9-7 Broncos team, but since he has become a major weapon his teams have gone, in succession, 7-9, 8-8 and 8-8. So for Marshall to be making guarantees about making the playoffs, well, that’s pretty wild stuff. Marshall also took time to defend Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne, who has been receiving lots of heat from the fan base after the fourth three-interception game of his career. “Those [criticisms] are probably coming from people who don’t watch the game,†Marshall said. “Chad Henne is a guy who’s more than capable of being an All-Pro quarterback. Again, it’s not just him. His destiny is in the hands of others: wide receivers, offensive line, offensive coordinator, the organization. It’s not just one guy. He relies on everyone doing their job.â€

    Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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    I didn't look at their schedule, but it'll probably be pretty difficult since they "can't beat good teams."
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    8 games to go. looking at the fins schedule..... imo they will need to go 6/8 but teams like detroit, oakland and the browns and playing the division again.... i'm not so sure i would guarantee the playoffs.
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    i was thinking the same thing. how can he say they can't beat good teams and then turn right around and guarantee the playoffs when they still have the Titans, Jets, and Patriots on their schedule. There's 3 losses there, right? And I don't think 9-7 is making the wild card this year. Heck, 10-6 may not make it in the AFC.
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    The only way they go to the playoffs is if Marshall starts scoring TDs, then I go to the playoffs too, so I support it.
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    Brandon Marshall needs to shut up.
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    It is possible. The Dolphins could win 6 of the last 8 game. Because the Pats are the last game of the season and if they have a spot in the playoffs I have a feeling the Belichick will sit key guys after what happened to Welker last season. But I won't hold my breath until the Dolphins are within a game of making it in.
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    Playoffs!?! Don't talk to me about playoffs! I just hope we can win a game, another game!
  10. Dolphins remaining games.....

    L Tennessee Titans
    W Chicago Bears
    W Oakland Raiders
    W Cleveland Browns
    L at New York Jets
    W Buffalo Bills
    W Detroit Lions
    L at New England Patriots

    I have them finishing 9-7 but they could win their finale against New England.....if they already won the AFC East and decide to rest. But I have the Dolphins losing that game for now.
  11. bandi

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    ummmm...did Marshall already forget that he said they can't beat good teams? Maybe he needs to put the crack pipe down...:icon_eek:
  12. mrcomeback09

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    Now that Pennington is starting and adding Harris maybe we could actually make a run at it, it would take a miracle and a half but anything is possible...