BREAKING NEWS: Marvin Harrison Involved In A Shooting

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    I guess marvin don't take no crap! lol
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    NOW it is being reported during the NFL Network updates...

    Nice to see WIP and ESPN didn't blow this one...
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    Now I need to listen to James Brown's 'Papa Don't Take No Mess'.
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    I didn't get that out of the article, heard it on ESPN 2 in the interview with the guy breaking the story.
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    DAMNNNNNNN that Belgian owned gun shoots 50 caliber bullets..crap just reported on NFL channel
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    and in my post above, if read, lol

    here's more

    PHILADELPHIA - Indianapolis Colts star receiver Marvin Harrison was interviewed by police about a shooting near his North Philadelphia bar this week.

    Lt. Frank Vanore said the investigation of Tuesday's shooting was continuing. Harrison has not been arrested or charged.

    "He was interviewed," Vanore said Friday. "Why he was interviewed, that is all part of the investigation. No one is a suspect."

    Radio station WIP, citing unidentified sources, reported the alleged shooting victim argued with Harrison at Playmakers bar. The victim left and headed to his car, Harrison followed and gunfire broke out, the station reported. The alleged victim was shot in the hand and did not identify the shooter, according to the radio station.

    Harrison, a prep football star at Philadelphia's Roman Catholic High, has owned Playmakers since July 2004, according to state records.

    After the first day of their rookie minicamp, Colts coach Tony Dungy said he knew little more than had been reported.

    "My phone has been ringing, too, but I don't have any details," Dungy said. "I really don't have any more information than you do."

    NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league is aware of the report and is looking into it. Harrison's agent, Tom Condon, did not immediately return a call.

    A source told WIP that ballistic tests showed the shots were fired from a custom-made Belgian weapon, and police determined Harrison owns that kind of gun.

    Police went to a Philadelphia car wash owned by Harrison and questioned him about the gun, the station said. Harrison acknowledged owning such a weapon, but told officials it never left his suburban Philadelphia home, the radio station reported.

    The source told the station a gun was discovered in a bucket at the car wash, and tests showed it had fired bullets that matched those at the scene.

    Harrison has played his entire 12-season career with the Colts and is the franchise's record-holder in every major receiving category receptions (1,042), yards (13,944), touchdowns (123) and 100-yard games (59). The 35-year-old is one of only four players in league history to top 1,000 receptions.

    But after eight consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, last season was the most frustrating of Harrison's career.

    He injured his left knee against Denver on Sept. 30, finished with 20 receptions for 247 yards and one TD and missed all but five games.

    Team president Bill Polian said in February that Harrison was recovering from offseason arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and had been rehabilitating the inflamed capsule in his left knee. He was not expected to be completely healthy for the start of the Colts training camp July 24.

    The typically quiet Harrison has a reputation for being humble on and off the field.

    But he's still one of the Colts' most visible players and their longest tenured veteran. Harrison, along with Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James, were nicknamed Indy's triplets in the late 1990s. He was a first-round draft pick in 1996 out of Syracuse and wound up the best receiver in a class that included Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Moulds.

    Off the field, Harrison was sued following the 2005 Pro Bowl when three boys accused him of attacking them when they tried to get his autograph. The suit alleged Harrison "violently and physically attacked" the minors, including placing a "potentially deadly choke hold" on one of the boys, but it was later dismissed.
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    i really don't think harrision did it he just does not seem the type
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    remember when he choked the dude out in hawaii during the pro bowl
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    I bet T.O was in Philly and this is getting blamed on Harrison for no reason. Him and Pac Man were probably on their way to the cat house!:tease:
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    yea i just read that in the article in the post above mine.
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    No. You should have mentioned it sooner.
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    Wow this was the last person that i would think would act like a thug
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    Totally forgot this incidence. I always got him in mind as Mr. Clean. Looks like he's a little hot blooded
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    Ablaze wtf?

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    he's from Philly...what do you expect?
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    brotherly love...sounds like bs to me
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    I think if he did something seriously wrong, he would be in jail right now, I would just wait and see with this
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    brotherly love as long as you play by our rules...

    yep. a graet man once said: "slow your roll!"