Brett Favre Turns Down Vikings?

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by wide right, May 7, 2009.

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    The Minnesota Vikings will not sign free-agent quarterback Brett Favre, a source close to the team said Thursday. The source said Favre told Vikings coach Brad Childress that he wanted to remain retired in a phone call that took place sometime in the last day. Favre is expected to publicly explain his decision soon.

    Source: Yahoo Sports

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  3. ball in the baskett

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    Now what is everyone gonna talk about?
  4. lionheart?

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    Ok, we will see ya soon.
  5. SoDev

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    Unpossible! He's just playing hard to get!
  6. Bears 88

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    Good, then Brett Favre can shut the heck up.
  7. hermhater

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    This sucks.

  8. dough21

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    It's time for the "Vikings were never interested in Favre" to save face with the qb's on the roster.
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    LOL Yea you know that's coming next
  10. KISSman

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    What is there to talk about if he's retired?

    I'm sure he's gonna tell us how he's really retired accompanied by a wink and a nod.
  11. nastynate184

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    well that is a surprise
  12. ollysj

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    Favre to play for the >>insert team here<<?
  13. Sportsguy

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    Another day different rumor over the Brett Favre Saga. From this point forward im sure he will either sign with another team other then the Vikings or stay retired
  14. 86WARD

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    Well ain't this a kick to the rod...the drama's going to end that quick? Wait until the first QB injury...
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  16. TJ

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    For real? :shock:
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    must not have been the right price :lola:
  18. Mike

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    damn I hope this is true.
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    Don't worry, Brett Favre will be back in the news sooner rather then later. I'd bet on it.
  20. TJ

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    Maybe Jay Cutler will demand a trade from the Bears? :dunno: