Browns CB Leigh Bodden arrested

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by yisman, Sep 5, 2007.

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    CLEVELAND (AP) Browns cornerback Leigh Bodden drove a sport utility vehicle in reverse down a one-way street outside an airport, became verbally abusive with police and was arrested Wednesday.

    Bodden, 25, refused to stop the vehicle when initially approached by an officer at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, said police Lt. Thomas Stacho. Bodden eventually pulled the vehicle to a curb, got out and walked toward an airport entrance, Stacho said.
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    From the headlines article it seems like he was just trying to back up into a parallel spot from 50 feet away. Kind of a rod move from a driver's standpoint but if it's clear then you might as well go for it. Then the cop tries to spin it to imply some kind of gang involvement with that little "whoever his 'people' are" remark, WTF?

    This is just a notch above Chris Henry not using a turn signal in a turn only lane.

    Of course if this was Ike Taylor or Chris McAlister then I'd be berating him, but come on....
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    lol, Major crime.

    I guess if he had stopped the car and didn't argue with the cop, nothing had happend to him
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    WOW! An arrest of an NFL players that plays for one of the Ohio teams. It's not a Cincinnati Bengal however. :icon_eek: