Browns Plane Ride Home Nearly Ends In Disaster

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by Walnuts, Nov 19, 2013.

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    wing was literally three feet from hitting the ground.

    “We’re actually pretty lucky to be alive right now, to be honest. We really escaped one. We got away with one last night.â€￾

    Source: SI

    Walnuts's Take: Glad everyone made it through okay, sounds like things were pretty dicey for a second. Maybe Madden had it right about planes.
  2. Walnuts

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    So, not to be macabre, but what do you think the NFL would have done about the season if the plane HAD gone down? They'd have to cancel the rest of the schedule, right?
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    Seinfeld is the first thing I thought of too.
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    That's an interesting question Wallace. If most or all of a team were to perish in a plane crash, i would guess they would continue the season for the other 31 teams and just cancel all games for the team that was gone. Some teams would end up only playing 14 or 15 games while others would play 16 i guess?
  6. Steve12

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    I can't see them playing football this year if a whole team was wiped out in a place crash. I think we'd be hecked until next year.
  7. Steve12

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    But then again, we all know it's really all about the money, so maybe they actually would play.
  8. Starkiller501

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    They'd continue the season, but let the Browns sign new players
  9. Steve12

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    New players? Keanu Reeves gonna come in and win then a championship?
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    I Would think that all the pro sports organizations in the usa bound to have a contengencey plans on what to do if this happens,probably rechecked everything and made adjustments after 911.