Browns QB Johnny Manziel Shows Up Late For Team Meeting

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    Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel was late for a team meeting, according to ESPN.

    Manziel isn't starting against the Washington Redskins, but that's not because of being late.

    Per the report, Manziel and other rookies misread a schedule and were late as a result.

    Manziel has otherwise been on time for team functions and curfews.

  2. ragman

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    I still think he starts in the season opener.
  3. Tarkus

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    Someone start a running tab on how many times we hear the "honest mistake" or something similar to that excuse.
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    If other rookies also were confused by the schedule, and it's the first meeting he was late for, he should be given a pass.
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  6. ragman

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    Now, he's saying that he's not ready for the season opener against Pittsburgh. Yet.
  7. Buck Fenson

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    we play him in the second game at their house. break out the LSU tapes and get to studying how to contain him. Junior G wants to meet him up close and personally like. I know he will do the money thing when he sacks john.
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    TMZ learned that Browns QB Johnny Manziel ordered a popular & delicious new drink from a local Starbucks for pickup on Friday.

    The above mentioned beverage was the
    A distinctive chai blend featuring a bold infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, & cloves, blended with loose-leaf black tea & rooibos.​

    From sources at the local coffee shop, TMZ learned that while the pickup order was for 3:45, Manziel showed up at 3:55, offering no explanation.​

    When questioned about the alleged tardiness, Cleveland Browns officials said they had no comment citing that these issues are always handled in-house. Further questions on if this would affect the competition for the starting QB position, officials would only say it was a head coaching decision.​
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    The quote was taken waaaaaaay out of context, but it makes for good toilet reading.
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    He has people intrigued. When the NFLN aired the Browns-Lions game, it was the highest rated preseason game they've had in the 11 years they've showed preseason games.