Browns Unwilling To Give Up Two First-Round Picks For QB Robert Griffin III

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by Sweets, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. TheSnowman

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    Haha, we tried this already as soon as the club was reinstated. Not saying you're wrong, but that time it was a BIG swing and a miss. Don't be surprised if the Browns have a bit of an apprehension about taking QBs and defensive lineman in the top 5.

    But you're making it sound like a superstar QB is the ONLY way to make it in the NFL. To do it on a consistent basis, maybe I'll give you that. But two of the four teams in the conference championships this year made it that far not only not because of their QB play but in spite of it.

    At this point I'll agree to disagree, but I think it's a vast oversimplification to say there's only one way to win in the NFL and that's behind a franchise QB who carries the team on his back.
  2. CaptainStubing

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    You and I agree that drafting a QB has inherent risk in it and the abortion that was Tim Couch is a perfect example.

    However, that's why you need to have good scouts/football people that can identify the amount of risk with each QB. But even with good football people, there's a certain chance that even the 'sure thing' Andrew Luck could fail to live up to the hype.

    There's risk in every pick but I would much rather take a risk on hitting a home run with a QB or D-lineman than any other position on the field.
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    Tim Couch was killed by playing too soon on a team with too many holes (admittedly more holes than this one). But still, its kind of the same situation McCoy is in and RGIII would be in if they give up the top half of a draft for him.
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    eh, i sort of agree ...... i think there are situations where it's best to have a young guy sit for a couple of years. however, i don't think couch or mccoy were/are ever going to be 'great' nfl qb's, even in the best situations. they are more along the lines of marginal nfl starters and that's not going to win championships.
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    I Think that flynn will sign with the browns and peyton ends up in miami.RG3 will be a redskin. before he gets there,the skins need to be agressive in free agency,going after nicks from the saints as soon as free agency kicks off on the 13th.