Bruce Allen Confirms Redskins Will Be Aggressive In Free Agency

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  1. Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen is watching and waiting for the league’s labor dispute to be resolved so the lockout can be lifted. The general manager said he remains confident that the league’s labor dispute can be resolved, but believes that it must be handled through negotiations rather than litigation. “We need everyone back in the room together, and then we’ll get a deal done,†Allen said. “The key is to get the players association and the owners back into the negotiation room. As soon as that happens, there will be a CBA.†When that collective bargaining agreement is reached, teams can have contact with players, offseason practices can resume, and free agency can commence. Allen said that the Redskins are poised to be as aggressive in free agency as the league’s rules allow for. If the two sides agree on free agency rules like last year’s uncapped market, only players with six years of experience or more will be unrestricted free agents, but if the rules are similar to those used in 2009, the league would have one of the biggest free agent classes ever. “We prepared for various options and will be able to be as aggressive as any team in the league based on what the rules are,†Allen said.

    Source: Washington Post
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    Hello Nnamdi....
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    Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute.... so the Redskins are gonna spend big bucks during the offseason? Noooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
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    They never stuff like this....its out of character for them

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