Bruce Pearl, chiropractic visits and knowing when to keep quiet

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    If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that fewest words possible is a solid policy to live by. The more you say, the trouble you can get yourself into. No matter how hard I try, however, I still manage to trip over my own tongue.

    In a recent conversation with a friend, I did it again. Apparently, old habits are hard to break.

    I was at my chiropractor’s office getting my monthly adjustment when my doc and I started shooting the s**t. An avid sports fan, he and I generally converse about the goings on of the day. Since it’s March and he’s a fellow basketball jones, we started talking about the tournament.

    Auburn had just gone on an unexpected run, knocking off Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky. Accordingly, I mentioned something along the lines of “that Bruce Pearl is a slimy f**k**er but he sure can coach.”

    My chiropractor, an Iowa alum, remained silent, taken aback that I would say such a thing. But why wouldn’t I? I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t think Pearl’s a sleaze bag? Then, I heard him utter the following four words that stopped me in my tracks.

    “I know Bruce Pearl.”

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