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    So, Bucky Brooks put together a Top 10 mock draft and he has 4 offensive tackles going in the first 10 picks of next month's draft. The biggest surprise to me is the drop of Ndamukong Suh to the #6 spot to Seattle. Not sure that he'd last that long. But, here's the list....

    1. RAMS - QB - Sam Bradford
    2. LIONS - T - Russell Okung
    3. BUCS - DT - Gerald McKoy
    4. SKINS - T - Trent Williams
    5. CHIEFS - T - Bryan Bulaga
    6. HAWKS - DT - Ndamukong Suh
    7. BROWNS - S - Eric Berry
    8. RAIDERS - T - Anthony Davis
    9. BILLS - QB - Jimmy Clausen
    10. JAGS - LB - Rolando McClain

    ......does this list make sense to you? Can you see Jim Schwartz going OL instead of Suh at the #2 pick to protect Stafford?

    Source: NFL Videos: Brooks' mock draft
  2. mj1987us26

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    Bucky Brooks is a ratard who doesn't know anything about making a respectable mock draft.
  3. Mike

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    Bucky Brooks?

  4. ArnyVee

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    I see it this way....

    1 - Bradford
    2 - Suh
    3 - McKoy
    4 - Okung
    5 - Williams
    6 - Bulaga
    7 - Berry
    8 - Haden
    9 - Clausen
    10 - McClain

    I went with the obvious top 4 picks, IMO. Then, from there it could be Bulaga or Williams at 5 and 6. But, from 7 on is where it gets a little tricky. Berry is a talent and the Browns need playmakers on defense, so I go there. The Raiders are always all over the place when drafting, so I'm thinking that they are preparing for losing their franchise CB by grooming the next great one in Haden. Then, the Bills go with Clausen and Del Rio takes the best LB in the draft at the 10 spot.
  5. Walnuts

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    I could definitely see that happening at #2. Detroit's done quite a bit to shore up their Dline this offseason, I don't think it's a lock by any means that they take Suh if he's there. They made a big investment last year in Stafford, he got chucked around a LOT his rookie season, and I think going for Okung would actually be a smart move for Staffords future in this league.
    What I CANT see is the rest of the top 10 falling like that. No way Suh makes it to 6 and no way T. Williams and Bulaga go top 5.

    Retarded mock. I saw this when he first put it out and couldnt believe it.
  6. CP26

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    I would never see this happening. Maybe bucky is trying to be ¨Outside The Box¨
  7. hammertime

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    No way the Lions pass up Suh/McCoy. I actually think McCoy might be their man considering how devastating he could be lined up next to 4-3 nose Sammie Lee Hill.
  8. Squibby

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    Why is it so far fetched for the Lions to draft someone to protect last year's investment in Stafford? People go off about mock draft's thinking they know exactly what's going to happen. They are mock drafts...relax...
  9. TexanDynasty

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    The only reason Jim Schwartz would not trade for Albert Haynesworth is because he plans to draft Suh, a younger, less cocky version that he can coach up.
  10. 86WARD

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    I understand the thought and reasoning behind taking an OT at #2 and then possibly grabbing a Cody in Round 2, but they'd be making a mistake passing on the best player in the draft imo. That's not the strangest thing about this clowns mock...it's Suh dropping to 6...
  11. K Train

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    no way te bucs take mccoy over suh....they basically admitted they prefer suh (because hes better)