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  1. cover the spread

    cover the spread beastin'

    1. WR Wes Welker-The best slot reciever in the league, tough as nails and always able to get more yards after he catch. With teams focusing on Johnson he'll have even more opportunities to put up huge numbers.

    2. QB Ben Roethlisberger-In the prime of his career, already a 2 time champ and shown he can perofrm in the clutch on the biggest stage.

    3. TE Heath Miller-Great pass-catching threat and an excellent blocker, arguably the most complete TE in the league

    4. WR Calvin Johnson-If he can put up gaudy stats with John Kitna and Dan Orlovsky throwing to him, imagine what he could do with someone like Big Ben feeding him the ball.

    5. HB Brandon Jacobs-Physical RB who always fights ofr extra yardage. Great back to build a ground game around.

    6. HB Knowshon Moreno-Young talented back who will onlyget better with experience.
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  2. The Mullet

    The Mullet Reptile Guru

    Pool #1 - Select 1 Player
    Drew Brees
    Peyton Manning
    Brett Favre
    Philip Rivers
    Chris Johnson
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    between him and S. Jax. Better than AP and more proven than CJ
    Adrian Peterson
    Steven Jackson
    Andre Johnson
    Wes Welker
    DeSean Jackson
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Randy Moss
    Jason Witten
    Tony Gonzalez
    Antonio Gates

    Pool #2 - Select 1 Player

    Ben Roethlisberger
    Tom Brady
    Matt Leinart
    Matt Schaub
    Ray Rice outstanding overall player. Beats Gore in a close race.
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    DeAngelo Williams
    Frank Gore
    Miles Austin
    Reggie Wayne- best reciever in football
    Sidney Rice
    Steve Smith (NYG)
    Vincent Jackson
    Vernon Davis
    Kellen Winslow
    Brent Celek

    Pool #3 - Select 1 Player

    Aaron Rodgers- If I'm building a team I would take him over Brady, Manning, etc. When you take into account youth only Rivers is likely to compete IMO.
    Tony Romo
    Eli Manning
    Joe Flacco
    Michael Turner
    Ryan Grant
    Cedric Benson
    Thomas Jones
    Brandon Marshall
    Santonio Holmes
    Hines Ward
    Roddy White
    Greg Jennings
    Heath Miller
    Zach Miller
    Jeremy Shockey

    Pool #4 - Select 1 Player

    Donovan McNabb
    Kyle Orton
    Matt Ryan
    Carson Palmer
    Ricky Williams
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Fred Jackson
    Marion Barber
    Donald Driver
    Chad Ochocinco
    Derrick Mason
    Calvin Johnson- Best player at this level. Physical freak and great talent
    Anquan Boldin
    Visanthe Shiancoe
    Jermichael Finley
    Todd Heap

    Pool #5 - Select 1 Player

    Jay Cutler
    David Garrard
    Matt Cassel
    Mark Sanchez
    Jerome Harrison
    Matt Forte
    Brandon Jacobs
    Jamaal Charles
    Steve Smith (CAR)
    Marques Colston love big possesion guys. More proven than Harvin, though Harvin brings versatility
    Santana Moss
    T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    Terrell Owens
    Percy Harvin
    Greg Olsen
    Dustin Keller
    Kevin Boss

    Pool #6 - Select 1 Player
    Vince Young
    Jason Campbell
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Matthew Stafford
    Joseph Addai
    Beanie Wells
    Pierre Thomas
    Knowshon Moreno
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Mario Manningham
    Jerricho Cotchery
    Hakeem Nicks
    Devin Hester
    Owen Daniels excellent player. Under-rated, an impact type player. Very rounded and solid
    Bo Scaife
    Fred Davis

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    Also, when choosing QB would need to know quality of the o-line. I would trust guys like Rodgers and Big Ben more than Manning or Rivers if playing behind an average to subpar line.
  3. Lord_Joe

    Lord_Joe Smiley Bugger

    1 Andre Johnson, WR. He's the best in the game.
    2 Vernon Davis, TE. Can play the underneath routes opened up by my Johnsons.
    3 Aaron Rodgers, QB. You have some awesome weapons. Get them the ball! Rodgers spreads the wealth well.
    4 Calvin Johnson, WR. Let's see what he can do without being triple covered!
    5 Matt Forte, RB. I think my team is well established as a pass-first team. Get in a back with soft hands and good pass blocking as an outlet for the QB.
    6 Pierre Thomas, RB. Because the rules say I have to have 2 backs. I'd rather have Hester to play in the slot....
  4. nachmany5

    nachmany5 Franchise Quarterback

    QB: Tom Brady Tier 2 (Still a top passer)
    RB: Percy Harvin Tier 5 (Yes, I just did that)
    RB: Beanie Wells Tier 6 (Change of pace from Harvin)
    WR: Andre Johnson Tier 1 (Better than Moss, imagine what he'll do for Brady)
    WR: Calvin Johnson Tier 4 (The other Johnson is a pretty valuable passing weapon)
    TE: Jeremy Shockey Tier 3 (Quite an upgrade from Benjamin Watson, eh Brady?)

    This offense has "Greatest Show On Turf" potential. Harvin at RB, imagine how he could REALLY stretch the field.
  5. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    Damn nachman, that's interesting. Percy in the backfield as a regular? Could work.
  6. A. Peterson 1
    K. Winslow 2
    B. Marshall 3
    A. Boldin 4
    M. Cassel 5
    P. Thomas 6
  7. King Romo

    King Romo Cowboys and Yankees

    QB- Tony Romo tier 3- Coming of the best season of his career, Romo is only a deep playoff run away from being named an "elite" QB in the league. A bit biased? Yes. But I honestly feel like he has it in him.

    HB-Rashard Mendenhall- When picking my backfield I wanted youth. When healthy Mendenhall has what it takes to be a solid back in the league and will majorly produce this year with BB being suspended

    HB-Jamaal Charles- a steal a tier number 5. I would have liked to see Felix Jones here but Charles in an explosive playmaker that is worthy of being a HB on my squad ;)

    WR-Larry Fitzgerald- Now if that isn't a combo for me idk what is. Fitzgerald is the best WR in the league and would be what I would start my team with. Many of you took QBs in tier W but there are many solid QBs in tier 3 or possibly 4. So many teams struggle to find a WR that can change a game on a daily basis. Just look at the impact Austin had on us-WR change games.

    WR-Miles Austin- another gigantic playmaker with explosive speed. Austin has proved he can change games and even teams. If Dallas would have fell at KC it would have been back to back losses and they would have entered the bye week like crap. Austin will be our number 1 for many years to come after we can manage a deal worked out.

    TE-Owen Daniels. I had to pick a tight end.
  8. whatadai

    whatadai Rookie

    1. Chris Johnson
    2. Vernon Davis
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Rashard Mendenhall
    5. Marques Colston
    6. Mike Sims-Walker
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  9. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    peterson-best RB in the game....CJ has nothing on him
    roethlisberger- clutch
    marshall-when followed by the next pick is the sicked WR group ever
    calvin-biggest steal, hes my #2 WR behind andre and hes 4 tiers lower
    charles-Nice change of pace back
    davis-good receiving TE
  10. VikingsFan28

    VikingsFan28 Wherever Alex Morgan is

    Adrian Peterson (1)
    Tom Brady (2)
    Michael Turner (3)
    Visanthe Shiancoe (4)
    Steve Smith (CAR) (5)
    Mike Simms-Walker (6)
  11. Harvs01

    Harvs01 Pro Bowler

    rb Chris Johnson
    qb Tom Brady
    wr Brandon Marshall
    rb Rashaed Mendenhall
    wr Steve Smith (car)
    te Owen Daniels

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    no dallas clark anywhere?
  12. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    Peyton Manning
    Ray Rice
    Pierre Thomas
    Brandon Marshall
    Marques Colston
    Visanthe Shiancoe
  13. mrcomeback09

    mrcomeback09 Rookie

    1)Drew Brees - 1 because he is younger than Peyton with the same skill range...
    2)Vernon Davis - He is the complete package TE who has the potential to be one of the best at his position
    3)Brandon Marshall - Homer pick plus dude is a beast plain and simple
    4)Calvin Johnson - Tall, fast and great hands if has was only on a better team...
    5)Matt Forte - Because I couldn't pick Ray Rice over Vernon Davis, plus this guy is a beast when he gets the ball
    6)Pierre Thomas - Another beast that can do everything...
  14. reigningblkngold

    reigningblkngold Minister of defense

    QB-Ben clutch
    WR- larry fitzgerald can catch everything and is hard to bring down
    WR- Calvin Johnson in the Right offense he would be ten times better then he is now
    RB - I will go with youth and pick Rashard Mendenhall and Ray rice they compliment each other well with the right O-line.
    TE- Antonio Gates tall physical and fast