Buy Or Sell? The Brandin Cooks Hype Machine

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by spstromain, Aug 27, 2014.

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    To say that Brandin Cooks has generated a ton of hype throughout this long NFL offseason would be the understatement of all understatements. Since the New Orleans Saints traded up to select him 20th overall on May 8th, the receiver has hardly taken a misstep. The rookie has produced nothing short of sensational reviews from all avenues of the game’s analytical neighborhood. Having appeared in just two preseason games, with his forthcoming NFL debut just over a week away, Cooks has found himself in what seems to be the perfect situation. He is playing for a legitimate Super Bowl contender in a dynamic offense. His […]

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  2. Buck Fenson

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    I would most definitely buy. All he has done ever since coming into camp is make plays. At first I was worried that it was more a reflection on our defense but after the Colts game, the first half anyway, I think that it is all him. He takes it to the house at least once a practice when he shouldn't be able to. With a great coach and great qb, there is no reason he shouldn't blow up this year.
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    no doubt chris. bucko- big game tonight