Can WR Ricardo Lockette help 49ers?

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by 86WARD, May 24, 2013.

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    The loss of Michael Crabtree has caused a lot of worrying about the team's passing game, with potential solutions ranging from signing Brandon Lloyd to A.J. Jenkins stepping up, to an offense that runs more than ever.

    Barely mentioned as a potential help to the team: Colin Kaepernick's roommate.

    Ricardo Lockette, 27, is a Seattle Seahawks castoff with two career catches. He entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2011. But he has the advantages of getting home schooled by Kaepernick every night.

    "Say if I'm in the shower and he's walking down the hall, he'll yell, 'Hey Lock, what do you have on so-and-so?' And I'll say, 'I've got a go (route),' " Lockette said this week via the San Jose Mercury News. "It's 24/7 learning, and just making it fun for each other."

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    Sounds like he has the physical gifts. If he can get the playbook and blocking schemes down, then he'll get some pt. We're definitely going to need the help with 2 wr's coming off injuries and our best missing a good portion if not all of the season now
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    God someone needs to step up. The Boldin trade at least makes it so there should not be a big drop out at this possition this year. But one of these guys needs to step looking at you aj, EVERYONE is looking at you lol.
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    The thing about Lockette is he wants to be a 49er. He had offers to leave the 49ers Practice squad to join a 53 man roster and make a lot more money towards the end of last year. He turned that down because he wanted to be in San Francisco and Harbaugh even complimented him. He has a hard road but I really think he can do it.