Cardinals And QB Kevin Kolb Agrees To A 5-Year Extension Worth $63M

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by Sweets, Jul 28, 2011.

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    The long-awaited trade that would send Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals is now official. Multiple news outlets are reporting the completion of the trade, which will have fourth-year cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round draft choice headed to the Eagles. That specific trade compensation was originally reported by Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter on Wednesday night. What held the deal up was the Cardinals agreeing to terms with Kolb, and Adam Caplan of reports that Kolb has agreed to a five-year extension worth $63 million, with over $20 million guaranteed.

    Source: macsfootballblog
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  4. K Train

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    theyve set that franchise back so much the last few days.
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    Ill be the one to say....hes an andy reid wco qb, hes young, and hes the guy they've been wanting. Props to them for grabbing him. Granted, theres a good chance this wont work out, I mean hes no david carr, but they NEEDED a qb and if it does work out, then drc and a 2nd is a small price to pay.
  6. K Train

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    he was traded for more than cassel and shaub, and an any reid QB has never been even decent elsewhere

    hes making more than those two, AND drew brees

    eagles free up like $10 million in cap space i think

    they get a corner which they needed badly

    cards break up a promising CB tandem

    kolb laughs to the bank

    the real winner here though: the second round pick that will never have to play for arizona
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    I lol'd
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    HAHAHAHAHA!!! well played sir!
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    I am glad I don't think he's going to be very good.
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    If he turns out to be a Pro Bowler, or dare I say, win a Lombardi, we'll look like total freaking chumps.

    But we made out pretty good here, I think.

    I'll miss you, Kolb. I think I'm the only one who had any faith in you.
  11. ball in the baskett

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    I liked him just thought he needed to cut down on making bad decisions guy was a interception machine
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    how's the wild boar hunting out there in arizona ?
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    Thats alot of money for a QB that's been a back up his whole career and lost the starting position to Vick who hadn't played football for two years!!
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    Unreal, lol.
  15. ball in the baskett

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    Should be interesting when the eagles play the cardinals this year
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    Now I need to root for Kolb and hate DRC. Bitter about that.
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    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these numbers. He's unproven. That's a HUGE gamble.
  19. Sportsguy

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    In my opinion this is a great move. Matt Linert proved he couldn't get it done in Arizona. and I think Kevin Kolb will make this team much better
  20. The Red

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    I think Matt Lienart could have done it in AZ had he had more time and stopped partying