Cardinals Suspect RB Ryan Williams Will Miss Season With Torn Patella Tendon

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  1. The Arizona Cardinals' offensive hopes took a big hit when rookie running back Ryan Williams was carted off the field with a right knee injury early in the third quarter during a preseason loss to the Green Bay Packers Friday night. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said the team was "pretty certain" Williams ruptured his patella tendon. "If it is what we suspect, then, yes, it's a season-ender," Whisenhunt said. A Packers player appeared to land awkwardly on the right leg of Williams, a second-round pick out of Virginia Tech. "It's disappointing because we had such high hopes for him this season," Whisenhunt said. "But that's what happens in this game, and we have got to move forward."

    Source: ESPN
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    That sucks. Beanie needs to really step it up with Hightower out of the picture now as well...I don't have confidence he will...
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    That makes two of us. I had really hopes for Williams this season, its a huge blow to us now that he's gone, especially since we just traded hightower for next to nothing. Beanie better prove me wrong.
  4. They'll be sniffing at the waiver wire or final roster cutdowns........

    Tough break for Williams.
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    Off the top of my head:


    Not sure who else is out there right now...but they'll have to scour the wire once cuts start happening. Stephens-Howling and Wells might not cut it...
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    Bad, very bad, for Whisenhunt and the Cardinals. He would have seen some serious playing time. Wasn't aware that Westbrook was still out there.
  7. Tiki's only chance to latch on with a team was by injury. This might be the opportunity he's been waiting for. And he would get a solid amount of carries in AZ. He was linked to the Steelers so going Pittsburgh west would seem like a natural fit.

    Westbrook played well when he filled in for Frank Gore last year in San Francisco. As long as he's healthy.....he could also land in AZ on a one-year deal.

    Fred Tayor and Julius Jones are other notable names out there.
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    I forgot to put Jones down. I did think of him though. Can't see Taylor coming back. There will be quite a few other backs released as we all know, sibthe Cards might wait to see what else could be out there...