Cardinals To Re-Sign WR Larry Fitzgerald To 8-Year, $120 Million Deal

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    The Arizona Cardinals will sign wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to a record eight-year, $120 million deal, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The deal includes close to $50 million guaranteed. Fitzgerald, 27, would be under contract through 2018. The six additional years after 2012 would be worth $17 million a year. Fitzerald had three straight seasons of at least 10 touchdown receptions before scoring six times last season on 90 catches for 1,137 yards.

    Source: ESPN
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    There it is.
  3. Most guaranteed money ever by a non-QB.
  4. Article updated.....
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    Ties him for 5th highest average amongst all players at $15M per year...
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    Props. I can't say I'd stay in Arizona if I were him, but it's awesome that he's staying put.

    I assume this deal is essentially a 4 year $60 million deal that the Cards will have to adjust somewhere before that 5th or 6th year.
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    If anyone is deserving of these inflated salaries, it's Fitz.
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    One of the few players that actually deserve that kinda money. Way to go Fitz!!! Well deserved!!
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    better hold Kolb pans out
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    Thank you front office. After 15+ years of watching all our good players leave, or develop elsewhere, and never making any real effort to sign anyone worth a damn, they finally seem to have pulled their heads out of their asses these last few years. Regardless of whether Kolb works out or not, at least we truly seem seem committed to fielding a good football team. Good for you, Fitz. There really aren't many players in this league that deserve that kind of money. He's one of em.
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    The fact that the Cards have Kolb as their QB for now and the future is one reason why Fitzgerald stuck around...
  13. Congrats Larry..Hey johnson maybe you should learn something from Fitz..shut the F up and play and you'll get payed.
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    This^^ x 2. After last years debacle it was evident from Fitz's body language, facial expressions during games and a few sound bites that he was clearly unhappy. Larry made it known that he would really like to see Kolb in AZ, and had Kolb (or possibly Orten) not signed, it's a safe bet that Larry would be testing FA never to return to the Cards.