Cardinals Vs 49ers

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Who will win this game?

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  1. ollysj

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    The San Fransisco 49ers (8-1) host the Arizona Cardinals (3-6) at Candlestick Park on Sunday 11/20/11

    Kickoff time is 4:05 pm EST


  2. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    do i really have to put who is gonna win? lol
  3. P16

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    This mentality is exactly the reason why you do, the Cardinals are gonna come in and smack the Niners in SF for their 3rd straight win. The 49ers are due for a let down, and given the general opinion of the masses, I'd assume their crusing through this week in their "winners' high". (and, as much as I hate the Niners...deservedly so. They've surpassed any expectation I could possibly have had for them coming into the season. The picks they've used on the trenches have paid dividends.) The Cardinals, who's record is shockingly low if you take a look at all the losses, seem to be tossed right in with the Colts in spite the close, heartbreaking losses we've had slide through at the end. Giants on a terrible call on the last drive, declared himself down? Really? Also noted a defensive collapse in the 4th quarter. We were dismantling the Ravens in Baltimore until horrible coaching in preparing the team after half time, with an 18 point lead, along with horrible officiating in the 2nd half. Just 2 losses, both against very good teams whom we outplayed most of the game. I really could've used any of our Losses, we've been in every single game till the end, exception being the putrid Vikings disaster. That's all added atop the fact that the Niners-Cards games have been the fiercest rivalry in the NFC West since 2002, hands down. Always close games, no fan of either team should all out guarantee a W against their rival. I'm sure we're quietly pissed the heck off at the propensity to jump on the Niners here. Think 2008 playoffs. Or last week, 13 point underdogs? Seriously?

    After managing to pull out two straight emotional wins, the Cardinals are gonna come in hot and as it seems, I'm betting they catch the Niners off their game, finally. After all, you guys seemed to do it to us twice each year we won the West.
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  4. bossco

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    Sorry cardinal fans SF 34 AZ 10

    Droid x. 49ers
  5. bossco

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    I have to agree the cardinals remind me of the niners from last season

    Droid x. 49ers
  6. Sweets

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    P16 the general 49er masses are a bunch of ignorant band wagon fans, the team themselves aren't taking any game as an automatic win, they are actually having fun again because they are a T E A M and that's including the coaches. I'm enjoying the wins because as a 49er fan I know that mediocrity is a loss away and it's scary to say the least.

    oh and please don't take what Sl1m3y says seriously, we don't...
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    It has been a really tough past 10 years and at times this year I keep having to do a double take on their record and the way Alex Smith has been playing. But hey finally this year some of us fans finally get to talk a little trash to other fans in the west. So I'm sorry if we upset other fans in the west or SF fans. but it has been a long time that I have seen SF in the playoffs. So I'm going to talk a little trash.

    Droid x. 49ers
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  8. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    you want serious? The niners arent going to be goobered like andy reid and not run the ball when ur avg is 5.6 yards a carry
  9. Sweets

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    Boss...have fun and enjoy the a little trash nothing wrong with that but some people are blind when it comes to the 49ers....
  10. bossco

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    I agree. And thanks I will. Especially the Thanksgiving game I have not ever seen SF play on Thanksgiving

    Droid x. 49ers
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  12. UK 49er fan

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    49ers. hopefully fairly comfortably. but nothing taken for granted and not expecting any walkovers.
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  15. Dragonite

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    Niners by 15
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  17. markaz

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    By far the ugliest display of offense I've ever seen in an NFL game. Early third quarter and Skelton with a 0.00 QB rating. Nice.
  18. Smith picked off................
  19. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    :icon_cheesygrin: besides some redzone woes... cards got their butt kicked