Chad Ochocinco's Taunts Amuse Steelers Players

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    The boisterous Bengals wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, told reporters in Cincinnati on Wednesday that he is looking forward to making Steelers cornerbacks Ike Taylor and William Gay "kiss the baby." However, Ochocinco overlooked one key element in his trash talking directed at the Steelers' two starting cornerbacks. "I don't know what that means," Taylor said. "Did he say what that meant?" Gay said. "Kiss the baby" is the term Ochocinco popularized on HBO's reality series "Hard Knocks" this summer, detailing the Bengals' journey through training camp. It is a term he said means: "It's all over." "(Laughs) That's funny," said Gay when told the meaning. "Tell him that's cool," Taylor said. Ochocinco hasn't had much success in making Taylor "kiss the baby" in years past. Ochocinco has had just one 100-yard game and three touchdowns against the Steelers since Taylor's rookie season in 2003.

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  2. Crowned

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    If the Bengals have been studying our defense for the last 2 weeks, they should know exactly where to attack us. Ike Taylor will take this personal and him and Ocho Cinco should have a good battle.
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    this is a shirt on Ocho's official Shirt Store.. you can get that there, and this..

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    It's all about you, Chad. Just be careful crossing the middle.
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    should be wide open if he does this.
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    Chad cracks me up :D
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    I hope the Steelers d-backs hit him hard and clean...
  8. Mr. D

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    Haters will always hate
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    lets see if he gets them fronts handed to him again lol!
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    'Kiss the baby' makes me think of that old tv show 'Dinosaurs'
    [​IMG], that show was cool - that saying is not.
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    not the mama
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    Ike Taylor owns Chad Johnson...perhaps the name change will confuse him...
  13. Crowned

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    Or maybe the fact that Ike is playing soft will delight him.