Chiefs Could Be Interested In RB Darren Sproles?

Discussion in 'Kansas City Chiefs' started by SRW, Feb 27, 2010.

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    A league source told the National Football Post that the Kansas City Chiefs are rumored to be interested in Darren Sproles’ versatile ability and return skills. Sproles, who played collegiately at Kansas State, could work in tandem there with Jamaal Charles. Sproles’ potential departure could open the door in San Diego for a player like Minnesota Vikings running back Chester Taylor, Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook or Pittsburgh Steelers runner Willie Parker

    Source: National Football Post
  2. markaz

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    So now that the rumor mill is crankin' up, the poll question becomes: LT or Sproles for KC. Gimme Sproles.
  3. hermhater

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  4. L.Johnson #27

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  5. Lord_Joe

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    Isn't he the same type of runner as Jamaal Charles (who is awesome btw).

    Wouldn't you be better off with a big, chunky hammer-type guy like LenDale White, who can bang it over on 3rd-and-short and goalline situations?
  6. hermhater

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    I'm not really for either of them, just saying I'd prefer Sproles over LT.
  7. Lord_Joe

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    I'd take Anthony Dixon in the second round to pair with Charles. That dude is awesome.
  8. hermhater

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    We have much greater needs than a RB, I don't want to draft one that early.
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    I doubt that we even draft a RB this year.
  10. pctrips

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    I love Sproles as a player, but like Joe said, he's a smaller Jamal Charles. We definitely don't need that although we definitely need his kick return abilities. His price tag will be too high for us to bring him in for that purpose.
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  11. hermhater

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    :word: dude.

  12. chiefswin19games

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    Oh god please no.
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    Ain't that the truth. I'd rather draft the human tit (Cody) for short yardage situations.
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    Human tit! HA! :Loco:
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  16. y2kbug

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    Im sure Sproles will go to the highest bidder, rather than playing for a contender