Chiefs Looking To Deal Jared Allen

Discussion in 'Kansas City Chiefs' started by FSUViking, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. FSUViking

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    Nolan Nawrocki at indicated the Chiefs are in trade talks:

    From what I'm (Nolan) told, there has been ongoing discussion in Kansas City since the start of free agency about shipping franchised DE Jared Allen to a number of suitors, including Minnesota, Jacksonville or Tampa Bay, in exchange for draft picks. However, if the deal were to occur, it would seem the Chiefs would want the comfort of being able to replace him in the draft. Depending on whether the right defensive end is available at the No. 5 position, a move may not be made until Draft Day. If it does happen, the Chiefs would wind up with an additional first-round pick to address their most pressing need, on the offensive line. However, at this point, with how long negotiations have lingered, there may not be any trade. Regardless of Allen, the Chiefs have also been heavily exploring options to move down from the fifth overall slot, where they would be reaching for an offensive lineman. They would like to acquire more picks to fill the many needs they have, especially on both lines.

    They want the #17 pick? Here. Take it.
  2. Crowned

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    Hell yea thats last seasons sack leader I'd give up first round pick anyday
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    need a link
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    If the Chiefs could pick up say Ghoulston+Chris williams or Clady+Merling that would be a A+ draft straight away
  6. Ridin Burgundy

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    I would love the Redskins to get him with their 21st pick.
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    sold. thanks for your business!
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    Forget a reciever our defense would be similar to the giants defense maybe even better i hope the eagles try to get in the middle of this.
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    Jay Glazer says it's between the Vikings and Buccaneers and he's flying to Minnesota tomorrow for a physical. Compensation would be a 1st and 3rd (of which the Vikes have two of). Trading the #17 pick for Allen is a hell of a lot better than drafting another bust, IMO.
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    Who wouldn't want a player like him?
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    Tonight's Sportscenter Special basically said that unless Allen completely hecks his physical, Jared Allen to the Vikings is almost a done deal. They think before the draft. :icon_eek: :icon_cheesygrin:

    According to Michael Smith who had just talked to KC contact: He stated that this trade is essentially done and that the Bucs have already dropped out. Vikings have upped their offer to #17 this year and a 2nd round pick next year. However KC countered with wanting Denver's 3rd round pick that the Vikes have. According to Michael Smith this will happen by mid week next week. Vikes are prepared to make him the highest paid DE in the league but want a protection clause and that will hold up the contract.

    Allen, Williams, and Williams. Sounds like a bad butt motherheckin law firm. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I argee I would like Synder to make that trade
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    Just looks like its not enough. I'm now thinking we try and move down (hopefully the Falcons will want to move up) get 2 more 2nds trade the highest (maybe with another low pick) and go DE, CB with the other 2.
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    There's three deals on the table, and the Chiefs will pick the one they like the best.

    A) A 1st and 3rd this year
    B) A 1st this year, 2nd next year
    C) A first and Bryant McKinnie

    He went to dinner last night with Steve Hutchinson, and I guess he has a cabin in Northern Minnesota and he goes walleye fishing in the summer here. Time to start fitting him for a purple & gold #69......:icon_cheesygrin:
  16. Fricker 4

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    and why are you redskins fans complaining???? Last time i checked you have more then 1 first day draft pick this year right???? That right there is something to be excited about on its own!!!
  17. Chiefs cant afford to loose him but if chris long drops to them they could take him at five then an OL at 17 plus a corner with the third.
  18. ball in the baskett

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    It would be great if the eagles got him. Trent cole and allen would be a sick duo.
  19. Sure, I would give up a #1

    :cowboy: Yes sir...
    I would send this years no.1 and maybe #3 for him. I couldnt hardly believe that the Chiefs were shopping him around... thats crazy in my mind, especially as sucky as they are on defense
  20. Sportsguy

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    that would be a dumb move by the Chiefs to give him up