Chris Broussard Makes Controversial Statements About Jason Collins

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by TheDuke, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Jason Collins' decision to come out, making him the first active openly gay athlete in any major U.S. team sport, sparked plenty of conversation on Monday, including a controversial exchange involving ESPN NBA reporter Chris Broussard during a one-hour episode of "Outside The Lines." During this extended edition of "OTL," Broussard described homosexuality as an "open rebellion to God" and explained why he does not consider Collins to be a Christian.

    Source:Huffington Post

  2. TheDuke

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    [ame=]broussard - YouTube[/ame]!

    I'll keep my thoughts to myself since I hate this jerk and this just solidifies my hate for him.
  3. DaBears22

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    "Personally, I don’t believe that you can live an openly homosexual lifestyle or an openly ... like premarital s*x between heterosexuals.

    So I'm going to hell then? FU Broussard lol.
  4. 86WARD

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    Really makes you hate some of these people that throw the Bible in your face...
  5. Steve12

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    Yes it does. I find crap like that 100x more offensive and intolerable than someone coming out as gay.
  6. Walnuts

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    It could have been worse. He's not saying anything personally demeaning about him directly. His quite conservative religious views dont approve of the way Collins lives his life, he's allowed to have that. Probably shouldn't have expressed it on a national stage, but its hardly Rev. Phelps status. As Ive said a lot Im all for equality, but both sides should get their say on the matter even if they dont share the popular view. Nothing he said here is especially inflammatory towards gays, its just his super religious take on the situation and he should be able to have it without being punished for it. Its a laughably misguided and unfortunate take on things, but its hardly the "Niggers are inferior monkey beings" schtick of the 50's, he's just calling them "sinners". Like 99% of the gays in the world give a heck if they're sinning.
  7. mj1987us26

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    While I agree with almost all of this I do want to point out he is critisizing Collins' faith from his own biased view. Up to that point I don't mind what he said. What's the old saying, let he without sin cast the first stone. Challenging someone's faith because you don't believe the same thing is a little much.
  8. cpgobrowns

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    Anytime someone starts with "the Bible says" I stop listening because some ignorant crap is usually coming next. The Bible isn't evidence of anything.
  9. Harryaxel

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    LZ Granderson came back with a nice quote after that was said.

    “My response is that faith, just like love, just like marriage, is personal,” Granderson said, “and if you try to use a broad brush to paint everyone’s faith, what you really are painting is a world that’s comfortable for you and not a world in which in this country we’re allowed varying forms of religion. And just because someone doesn’t agree with one person’s interpretation of the Bible vs. another, doesn’t mean that they have exclusive rights to dictate how that person should live. I would love not to have premarital s*x, but in this country, I’m not allowed to get married.”

    The thing about the bible is it is based a lot on interpretation. When someone spouts out stupid crap like Chris did people look at down upon Christians because of it. Anyone honestly believe that Jesus wouldn't allow a gay person in heaven? Everyone sins it just is what it is and I believe the bible says no sin is greater than the next. I'm done.
  10. CaptainStubing

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    yep, this is a tricky subject. i think broussard actually said his personal view (and the views of many Christians) pretty well and not in a hateful way at all. he is entitled to have his own personal beliefs, just as much as collins is entitled to be gay. broussard wasn't calling for a witch hunt. he was just explaining how he (and many Christians) interprets the Bible. No big deal.
  11. Harryaxel

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    He can interpret it anyway he wants true but he himself sins on a daily bases like everyone else does. So to say being gay or whatever is like an open rebellion to god is crazy because if that's the case everyone is rebelling daily because no one is without sin. Now I am a Christian if dude is gay whatever I don't care is he going to hell for it? Not if he believe Jesus Christ is his lord and savior. Some opinions just need to be kept to yourself like his.
  12. CaptainStubing

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    you are missing one important key factor ................ a person must REPENT and accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior in order to be saved. What Broussard is saying (and most Christians would agree) is that Collins is living in a constant state of UNrepentence and therefore is not abiding by God's laws and is in fact lieing to God on a daily basis.

    I'm not giving my opinion one way or another, I'm just explaining how many Christians interpret the Book.
  13. ball in the baskett

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    pretty sure its a sin to judge others to
  14. Omen

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    It's not really about interpretation is really very simple what the good book says.

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  15. Steve12

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    Nothing in that book is simple or straight forward. For every statement there is another somewhere in it that contradicts itself.
  16. Omen

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    Not really but that's your opinion and I respect it.

    I don't know how this could be misinterpreted

    Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have s*x with men.

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  17. misfitz

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    So ummm does that make Jesus an illegitimate child? His parents were not married. Or does it not cause no s*x? I mean couldnt God have just said poof and there was Jesus like he did with Adam? So many questions!

    oh yah Screw Broussard
  18. misfitz

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    also why would God create so many gay men or women if they are a sin? Its not a choice and that has been proven so they are just pre-wired to go to hell?
  19. Omen

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    Umm no

    They always knew who Jesus father was and his father claimed him.

    An illegitimate child is a child whose father does not claim him as his and has no right to his name or title and lands.

    So Chris B can't have an opinion that's not popular?

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  20. Omen

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    Collins is a twin correct, an identical twin same cells split and created two identical people. So if he was born this way, his brother should also be a homosexual. Since they are identical in every way down to the last gene/DNA. But the other twin isn't gay so explain that.

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