Cleveland Cavaliers And Head Coach Mike Brown Are Negotiating Contract

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    According to sources, Mike Brown and the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently negotiating a contract that will make him the team's coach for the second time.

    If they can agree to a contract, Brown will return to the job the Cavs fired him from in 2010 despite back-to-back 60-win seasons. He was the Cavs' top choice for the job and the only person they interviewed, though they did reach out to gauge Phil Jackson's possible interest.

    The Cavs are expected to offer him a long-term contract that will give him security as he will try to lead them back to the playoffs after three straight seasons in the lottery. Brown led the Cavs to five consecutive playoff appearances from 2005-11.

    Brown met with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and general manager Chris Grant over the weekend in Detroit.

    Source: ESPN
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