Colts QB Peyton Manning Struggling In Throwing Passes

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    NFL Network's Mike Lombardi told an ESPN podcast that Peyton Manning is having trouble throwing across his body. Lombardi has spoken to people who are working out with Manning and catching his passes. "He can't throw the ball," Lombardi said. " ... He can't throw the ball to his left! He can't throw the ball across his body because he doesn't feel it. People that catch the ball for him say he doesn't really have velocity on the ball yet." Manning is attempting to come back from three neck surgeries since last May; he's been cleared to play by his doctors but is still have trouble regenerating nerves in his right arm. Manning has been spotted working out at Duke University, suggesting that he's not willing to work out at the Colts facility. He is due to meet with owner Jim Irsay to discuss his future soon.

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  2. andy82

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    I said this would happen.
  3. misfitz

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    why is anyone surprised he hasnt been to throw for almost a year
  4. andy82

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    As well as nerve damage/regression. People seem to think he will return day one and be this super all-pro. The chances he comes close to being his former self is minimal at best.
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    Season is still 6 months away, he will be perfect for a dink and dunk offense.
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    You did call it, people are grossly underestimating what he's up against. I wont pretend to be a dr or know in detail about his condition but i do know he's had multiple surgeries, i've also seen Ed Reed struggle with his neck issues and the toll it takes.
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    He's effectively going to have to relearn how to throw the ball all over again, it certainly won't just be his arm strength that's going to be sapped. Considering he's in his mid/late thirties will make it even harder for him to relearn the skill and technique that's required just to be able to throw the ball properly, let alone an elite level.

    This is the problem, people are failing to grasp how major this injury is. It's not just a broken bone, heal, give him a little rehab, watch him come back to normal type of injury, he has suffered considerable nerve damage and those that haven't been damaged have regressed a substantial amount. When it comes to nerves, they either heal very slowly, or not at all, and doesn't return to it's original state.

    The fact is Peyton as a passer is starting all over again, and 1. Is a team going to throw a substantial amount of money for a QB with serious physiological issues? and 2. Will Peyton even be able to play NFL level football again?
  8. andy82

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    I'm not a doctor but I'm currently in the process of getting a Bachelor of Science in Sports Studies, so I'd like to say I know a little in this field. The fact is, people are comparing this to other neck injuries (Which I don't blame them for, it's an assumption that anyone would make) and because his neck has been cleared people believe that he'll have a rehab stint then return to normal.

    However, people are overlooking the nerve damage and regression that he has also suffered throughout the multiple surgeries on his back/neck. The various nervous systems controls the body, when it moves, how it moves etc., without it our bodies are motionless. Now that that basic principle and apply it to Manning's situation. Like with anything, you don't use, you lose. Manning hasn't been throwing for a year (that we know of), that is a long time to not perform a movement, even without nerve damage, he's not going to throw very well, and would take him a significant time to rediscover his technique, power etc. Add in nerve damage, and he'll be needing to rehabilitate those nerves, and then effectively teach his nervous system how to perform those movements all over again. It's a large scale operation that will be slowed further due to his age.

    Like my previous post, I'll be surprised if he can return.
  9. Agent Zero

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    I really hope he can get it together. I would hate for his legacy to end like this.

    I will be praying for Peyton. He is such a stand up guy and a true warrior on the field.
  10. ollysj

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    If he can't, he should retire and everybody will remember his as a great QB. Otherwise he will be remembered as another player, who didn't know when to call it a career
  11. dpn

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    On NFL Live today, Mortensen reported that Manning's arm stength and throwing had improved a lot over the last month. He added that if it continues to improve as much over the next month, Manning should be very pleased with his progress. He disputed the "noodle" comments.

    The media has so many conflicting reprots. I think i'll just wait and see.
  12. CStevenson13

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    Gotcha, never looked at it quite that way
  13. CStevenson13

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    This also explains the stance of the Colts, every move they've made this offseason screams were are moving on from Peyton. With all he's meant to that franchise and how well he's played you'd think if the odds were even half way favorable they'd stay the course.Or at least bring him back at a more manageable #. Seems more and more this rebuild is out of necessity not choice.
  14. 86WARD

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    Which is what I said way back. I think the chances are better that he doesn't return than he does. It's no guarantee that he even ever hits a field again.
  15. MediaGuy

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    I'm not going to research it but 86 and I both said he was done in a thread probably 6 months ago. One neck surgery, ok. Two neck surgeries, maybe. Three, no. He is too old at this stage to even come close to what he once was. Hang'em up and hit the comfy confines of a network tv studio of your choice Peyton. It is not worth risking your health when there are plenty of other things to do to make more money than you could ever spend, again.
  16. Omen

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    I did too I called

    Feel bad for the dude but nerve damage aint no joke

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  17. 86WARD

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    I hope he returns, but it's not sounding/looking good...