Colts WR Reggie Wayne Ready To Take On Leading Role

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    With Marvin Harrison gone, you'd expect Reggie Wayne to be front and center in the plans of the Indianapolis Colts' braintrust. When the Colts terminated Harrison's contract in February -- he was deemed too expensive with a 2009 base salary of $9 million and clearly was on the downside of a Hall of Fame career -- the baton officially was passed to Wayne. He already had escaped Harrison's immense shadow and emerged as quarterback Peyton Manning's most reliable and productive receiver."If you asked any cornerback,'' Manning said, "Reggie had truly established himself as a No. 1 receiver. As a quarterback, boy, what a great luxury to have two No. 1 receivers.''

    Source: Indianapolis Star
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    he did that three seasons ago
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    Yea, it's it's not really new, but he's one of my keepers so I'm glad to hear it!
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    Agree...I chuckled when I saw this article...
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    Representing DA U!