Could DT Albert Haynesworth Be Headed To Seahawks?

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by Sweets, Jun 19, 2010.

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    If you visit the NFL page on ESPN, the headline is there: “Haynesworth Headed To Seahawksâ€￾, and plenty of speculation has centered around the Seahawks being a suitor for the disgruntled defensive tackle. There are no sources confirming a deal is in place, just a headline, calling it how I see it. If this deal does indeed go down, it means they are likely out of the running for Bills running back Marshawn Lynch if there was even a chance they could get him in the first place. Regardless of your opinion on how Haynesworth has whined about playing nose tackle in a 3-4 after being payed $30 million for a season; he is still a game changing top five defensive tackle who would come to the Seahawks with a ridiculously reasonable $5.3 million salary over the next three seasons. If he dons the blue and green next year, be content, embrace it, and say hello to the best player on the Seahawks defense.

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    That would be epic, but I don't think it will happen.