Could Robert Griffin III Make His Return On Monday Night Football?

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by cmilian, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. cmilian

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    Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III has been out of the lineup since Week 2 of the 2014 season when he dislocated his ankle against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fortunately, there was no serious damage done to any of the bones in Griffin’s ankle, allowing a mid-season return rather than disheartening season ending injury. Could this be the week Griffin makes his return? Had this organization still been coached by Shanahan’s, we might know the exact timetable of RG3′s return, but Jay Gruden has been keeping the whole situation entirely in the dark. All we know is that Griffin must be 100 percent physically and mentally […]

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  2. markaz

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    Does it matter? Don't follow the 'Skin that closely, but good Lord, what in the fvck is going on with that organization? All we hear about during preseason is how Kirk Cousins is the real deal and runs the 'Skins offense better than Griffin. Now the Kirk Cousins Experiment is over and Colt McCoy is the man. Even if Griffin is healthy (mentally and physically) will it really matter for a Jay Gruden run team?
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    Redskins ain't gonna do shirt until they get a decent gm.they have gone with allen cause he is a popular one with links to the past.well,the past is the past and the powers that be need to pull their heads out their asses and realize that! I Have been a redskins fan 46 years and the last20some years have basically been total bullshirt! and if they have any sense,rg3 will not come back until after the bye week.
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    Gruden is just playing with the Cowboys in not naming a starter for tomorrow night's game. However, it almost certainly will be McCoy.
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    they have already let griffin play hurt once and took it up the ass for it,so i doubt they chance a repeat tommorow night in dallas.