Cowboy Fans, Sorry About Your Loss

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by 49erGenius, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Better luck next year boys
  2. Inclulbus

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    its all good root for the pack!!!
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    Kassie, I'm wondering if it's next season yet too?

    Crap, I'll take pro-bowl time and the NBA over today.
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    I'm in heaven hearing all the whinning on all 5 sport talk radio stations in Houston.

    IMO the Colts lost but the Cowboys CHOKED!

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    You're quite the smack talker...
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    And tell me what the Texans did other then the yearly 2 beatings from the Colts in your division? Your division sucks more then mine if the Colts keep taking the title and nobody else can catch up to them. I thought Kubiak was your savior, and you still haven't improved that much.

    Least Dallas can go to the playoffs TWO YEARS IN A ROW. Again, what did your Texans do? :icon_rolleyes: Squandered Reggie Bush is one of them.
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    Man I'm happy their at home watching the playoffs with us!!! This was a Fluke year for them anyway (the league was horrible this year)
  9. DoubleC

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    because the Rams sucked? :redface:
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    Mario Williams >>>>>>> Reggie Bush
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    and here i thought three teams from the afc south made it into the playoffs.
  12. Inclulbus

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    Ain't that the truth, that's the 2nd Best Division in the NFL. Got to put em behind the NFC East, of course.
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    I'd say the AFC south is actually stronger than the nfc east. They play AFC teams. I bet if you looked at the strength of schedule, the AFC souths was harder.
  14. Blu N Houston

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    Your division sucks more then mine? what kind of lame butt smack crap is that?
    FYI there wasn't a division stronger than the AFC south... the weakest team finished .500 , 8-8, 1-5 Vs Div opp.
    Crap the Texans might have won the NFC West, hell everyone who really knows football knows the Seahawks would have never won a freaking Div title if it wasn't for the switch from the AFC to the NFC.
    BTw what record did the 9ers finish with? :cowboy:
    And by picking up for the lame butt turd bangwagon fandome, that just shows your not a real niner fan in my book, you weakass candyass niner fan.
    HEll I pull for the niners anyday over lil D, so ball up your fist and jam that index finger you type with up your ass, or is that where you first experianced the T.O. stlye of McLuv'n.

    whats the point of making the playoffs and losing homefeild advantage? LAme! The last time the Cowboys won a playoff game was the last year Houston had a freaking team. So don't come at me with crap. If you shovel it, I will spew it right back at ya with some shake and bake scrub!
  15. 49erGenius

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    It's really funny how a Bills fan and now a Texans fan tries to brag what their team has done. I don't have to brag about my team because I can acknowledge we've done nothing for 10 years since the Yorks got this team. I try with all my might to be this passionate fan, but then when it's all over, my spirit is shot for the next 270 days. Believe me, I got a strong will to ignore ANY OTHER SPORT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NFL.

    Obviously, you're new, so here is who I am (and I try to keep it short)
    I am a 28 year fan of the 49ers, and this is not a George Jefferson speech. I'm sorry I wasn't aware that back in the 70s, we were so pathetic that the team wasn't on the TV very much and they played in Kezar stadium. I'm sorry that the coaches we had in Walsh and Seifert taught the team that LOSING IN THE LEAGUE WAS NOT TOLERATED OR ACCEPTED! THE FANS DON'T WANT IT, THE OWNER DOESN'T WANT IT, THIS TEAM CHOSE TO BE BETTER. I'm sorry I got no patience for our new owner in the Yorks THAT SEEM TO FREAK THE TEAM A LOT WORSE THEN LAST YEAR AND YEAR BEFORE! The Yorks ought to apologize for the New Year's celebration they wrecked in retaining Mike Nolan, who plays the game to lose. Hello? Mike Nolan plays the game to lose. He cannot beat a big team like the cowboys or a little team like the Falcons, or the Panthers, or the Ravens that sacked their coach, and we only win a game if it's given to us ala the Bucs. Beating Arizona, Rams, Bengals, and Bucs achieved 100% NOTHING on the schedule whereas a team like Dallas can be proud that they won their division, outside the division, and against a few AFC opp.

    It does not matter if Dallas struggles in the playoffs, it's either a case of bad luck, incompetent officiating, or a few missing pieces. Don't forget, Colts fixed what lacked them and they got a Superbowl. Dallas isn't that far off either. I would never blame Tony Romo for what he did and neither should anybody else. Tony Romo went out there and he played the game like a man, whereas our limp QB in Alex Smith has yet to even BE A MAN when he doesn't have an Oline or WRs to throw to.

    I got a right to be pissed off when the ownership of my team holds the media hostage for 2 days in team meetings and come out of the meeting doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change the situation, as in when your coach sucks for 3 years doing nothing and winning against losing teams, the coach HAS TO BE FIRED!

    I don't give a crap what you think of this post. When my team loses and doesn't get to the playoffs:
    1, I want Seattle out of the playoffs quicker the better for if I'm going to be miserable, you're going to be miserable. Seattle is undeserving to go to the playoffs when they play nobody on the schedule and beat nobody.

    2, I want San Diego out because they stole Norv Turner who SIGNED A CONTRACT TO BE RETAINED BY THE 49ERS, BUT HE THEN BAILED ON THE TEAM IN AN ILLEGAL WAY!

    3, I wanted Dallas to win because the matchup of Green bay would have been better, and a battle between 2 good teams. NY/GB is a bad matchup next to SD/NE because NY/SD are HURT TEAMS. Hurt teams take the cue to lose, like my team takes its cue to lose their games.

    4, I wanted either Dallas or Green Bay in the Superbowl, not New England, not San Diego.

    5, and if choose to root against the 49ers, it's because I want Mike Nolan fired. I don't support the war, but I support the troops. I don't support Mike Nolan, but I support the 49ers. I don't like what Nolan has done. I get visibly ill everytime I hear the man talking to somebody, which should be an apology that he fails as a coach. If my team cannot beat NFC/AFCE/New Orleans/Seattle and go at least 11 and 5, that is not improvement at all and like Remember the Titans, Mike Nolan should be FIRED! If we can't beat the Eagles where he's 0 and 2, Giants where he's 0 and 2, new Orleans where he's 0 and 2, he's not the right coach.

    Don't ever try to compare your team to mine. You didn't even draft Reggie Bush after we gave you the number 1 pick, and I never forgot how that messed up our draft pick as well! Everytime we come close to getting a good draft selection, we find ways to mess it up.

    Dallas has more success then your team, just like the 49ers have more success then the Raiders. Where's their Superbowl been lately, just like what have you done for me lately in your pathetic division other then drop your yearly 2 to the Colts?

    You push, and I push back. Remember that.
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    Yeah sorry. :icon_rolleyes:
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    Don't even bother answering him, Blu. "Ignore list" is my new friend and should be yours too.
  18. Inclulbus

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    Yeah, maybe... But Over-all, Talent, and year in, year out consistency... i'd say goes to NFC East the past few years. We had 3 teams in the Playoffs last season too. If you take Seattle out the playoffs for playing a cupcake division, all 4 NFC East teams would probably make it. lol And yeah, 49ergenius talking out his ass, wanting teams not to be in it cause they banged up, they may be.. but theyre still earning their way through the playoffs, banged up then, banged up now, they playing with confidence, and a lot of heart out there, no way I take anything away from any of these teams, just shows they have great Depth, Especially San Diego.. Turner/Sproles in for LT, Volek for Rivers, They have a great DB Core if any of their DB's ever got hurt, from Jammer, to Cromartie, To Hart, To Florence, Weddle, Mcree... You hear all these dudes names on a consistent basis, wether it's hitting, making a INT, A Open field tackle, great coverage.. so don't take nothing away from these teams cause they banged up. I Think the Giants are a better team now that Shockey is hurt. And with Ward being hurt, and no consistency for Ruben Droughns.. the Giants got Ahmad Bradshaw in there [university of Marshall] bringing in a big time spark behind Jacobs, I hope Bradshaw gets a lot of respect for this come next season, he deserves it after going 250th in the 7th round to the Giants. he was the 3rd best RB in the Nation the season he left Marshall to go into the draft, over-looked bigger then crap. K, I'm done proving a point that 49genius need to give up his lame bad playoff scenario talk up, The Colts and Cowboys just got beat by the better team on the days they played, nothing can change that, Goodnight.
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    What a flip flopping response and a fountain of misinformation. You assume more then a fan assumes Phillip Rivers is Ryan Leaf. San Diego has to play the type of game that my high school played in the state: Man up on defense and score on the offense. New England has the weapons on offense, hello, no matter what is said on Randy Moss, he is playing the game. New ENgland has a deeper depth then San Diego. If Rivers is a no go, what makes you think Volek can help this team.

    Over on the other side, if New York has a hurt secondary, how exactly can they win? If Bret Favre has a top notch Oline that protects him and WRs that will easily get open, or their running game takes off again, there is no chance. Even if New York's D can stop the run, what about the hurt secondary?

    All I want out of the playoffs are good games, period, that's it. I'm not going to become that team's fan. If Seattle gets in, I want them out for they disrespected my team. It doesn't matter they won the game, running the score is not respect in my view. Seattle also gets a weak schedule, whereas, teams like Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Eagle that do make the playoffs get a tougher schedule. San Diego should have just left our OC alone. He was the hope to make Alex Smith a QB like Troy Aikman, remember him? I saw how Aikman became a great QB. So what if he didn't have a few big games? He had E Smith. We got that part in Frank Gore, but we lack WRs and an Oline to protect our QB. Turner had a plan, and he bailed on us, and anybody who does that on my team is the enemy and deserves to lose. I don't care what heart or what passion Turner may have, a thief is a thief to me. You steal something, you get punished. That's the values I was raised by. Too bad you were all raised to be smart aleck jerks to a reasonable fan who knows the sport for 28 years.

    And when New England wins, remember the *
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    ^^ :baby: