Cowboy's Draft Needs And Such....Got Some Players Too

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by Jihad Joe, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Maybe, but Maclin. Harvin and Crabtree are killing the notion that Spread WR's cant play in the NFL. I do think its an obstacle, but if you have the skill, you have the skill

    Williamson played in Spurriers Screw and Suck offence, and I think Sid Rice is the only Spurrier WR outside of Hilliard to do much in the NFL. The Screw and Suck offense seems to carbonate more WR's than standard spreads

    If you have the skill, you have the skill. All Williamson was, like Reidel Anthony and Jaquaez Green was fast

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    There's Darrell Jackson too, but I cant remember if he was one of Spurrier's Ho's or not
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    that's too funny. Maybe we traded Davis for their 11th overall pick. this is kind of amusing.
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    The Bronco's board is saying ESPN said its a typo

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    Wierd thing is apparently the Bronco's board said ESPN admitted its a typo.........

    But why is it not fixed yet?

  6. uggh more like 3rd round and it don't matter if Cryboys have better picks Jerry will find some way to heck it off
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    3rd.....4th who cares

    Contribute something of substance or heck off, this isnt a smack thread
  8. dude chill out im sorry you so butt hurt I was putting in my own take on the Cowboys picks this year they had something like 9 picks last year and none those picks were worth crap and that aint talking smack that's the truth!
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    They didnt pick until the third in a weak overall clbutt. There really arent many spots on this team where a player can come in and play instantly, so you its hard to expect from a class when you dont pick until the 3rd and some of the guys most lilley to have an immediate role (J-Will, Mike Hamiln, B-Will, Stephan Hodge) get hurt

    Overall from that class I expect 2 starters (J-Will, Brewster) 2 key reserves/ST players (Hamlin/Hodge) and 2 good subpackage pass rushers (Butler/B-Will) and a QB we can get an early pick for in a couple years (McGee)
  10. Cowboys on who they should pick up

    Round 1-Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida
    Some scouts believe Pouncey is a top 15 talent. He would likely come in and be the immediate backup to both starting guards and center Andre Gurode

    Round 2-Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida
    Spikes' size makes him a candidate to play inside in a 3-4. Keith Brooking and Bradie James played well last year, but the Cowboys must soon look for their replacements (particularly for Brooking).

    Round 3-Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina
    assume the Cowboys do not see any return man at this point as providing great value. So which direction does the team go? Jerry Jones said the Cowboys will take the best player available at each position, and we really like South Carolina LB Eric Norwood .

    Round 4-Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas
    Shipley would come in and become the starting punt and kickoff returner, and also compete with Patrick Crayton in the slot. We see Shipley as an early second-round talent, but his 4.57 at the Combine will surely drop his stock. Still, Shipley plays much faster than his time and displays excellent quickness and body control.

    Round 6-Kurt Coleman, FS, Ohio State
    Dallas may or may not upgrade the safety position before this spot, but we still maintain that the Cowboys' brass is more comfortable with what they have at the position than fans. Despite interest from other clubs in Gerald Sensabaugh, the Cowboys remain likely to lock him up long-term. Ken Hamlin struggled last season, but members of the organization like what they have in second-year man Michael Hamlin.

    Round 7-Arthur Jones, DT/DE, Syracuse
    The importance the Cowboys place on the defensive end position is reliant on the futures of Spears, Bowen, and Hatcher. The second-round tenders placed on all three players means the latter two are not going anywhere in 2010. Spears, however, could garner some interest from other 3-4 teams. We detailed what Dallas might do with him here .
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    I like the Pouncey pick, but while Spikes will be a good player, he is no different than Bradie James. He is purely a downhill strong side ILB. He'll be a very good one, but James is still fairly young. If we look for a ILB anywhere, its incase they dont think Hodge can come back from Microfracture surgery, and Hodge is really nothing more than a possible NLB/ST gunner. We can get that in the 6th or 7th. I also think if we draft a Safety it should be high or not at all. With Watkins and Mike Hamlin, both are caable of backing up both Safety spots and be quality ST players. Churning the bottom of the Safety spot isnt really needed, whats needed is an upgrade from Ken Hamlin
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    i wouldnt mind the players you have for rnd 1,2,4 i dont know much abou the thelb fromSC
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    Mock I did a while back.

    1. Maurkice Pouncey OG/C - It came down between him and Nate Allen. Dallas decided to go BPA and hope that Allen will fall some in the second round.

    2. Pick traded to the Dolphins for their 3rd and 4th round picks this year.

    3A. Jared Veldheer OT - After missing out on the FS's they wanted in the second round Dallas moved down and pick up another OL.

    3B. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB - He will step in as the 4th CB letting Ball focus on being a FS and become the main return man this season. He has the HWS that you would like he just needs to time to refine his skills.

    4A. Chris Cook CB/FS - Dallas will move him to FS with hopes that he will be able to backup Ball if he is able to unset Hamlin this year or push them both for the job in 2011.

    4B. Garrett Graham FB/TE - Dallas always likes to make picks that make their fans so WHAT THE? and this is this years pick. Anderson is going to be shown the door this year and Dallas needs someone to take over. With Dallas using 3 TE sets almost as much as they use a FB while not draft someone that can do both spots. He gives the team some options in lineups.

    5. No Pick

    6. O'Brien Schofield OLB - Teams that run a 3-4 defense should always be on the look out for a OLB that can rush the passer. Schofield was moving up the depth charts until he tore his ACL. He might not be able to play this year but once back you will be getting a player in the 6th round that could have gone in the thrid.

    7. Linval Joseph DT - I have wanted Dallas to pick a DT with some size so here is another one.
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    Im really liking AOA, but I see him as more of a FS in the NFL

    I think if we draft him, we send Ball back to CB and an emergency Safety
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    I'd love Ghee if he slipped to the third
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    I'd be happy with him at the top of the second. Hopefully he slips from where we were (#40) to where we are now (#60). If so, Charlie Whitehurst stays alive.
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    Anthony Davis really seems to be slipping, what do you think about him at 27