Cowboys Feel Comfortable With Alan Ball Starting At Free Safety

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, May 13, 2010.

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    After the Cowboys released free safety Ken Hamlin last month, they were expected to bring in a veteran to compete with converted cornerback Alan Ball and second-year player Mike Hamlin. But Stephen Jones said the Cowboys are comfortable with Ball, adding that the defense played its best ball in the three games Ball started last season. "He played well in those games," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said. "I like what he does. I'd like for him to be bigger [than 6-foot-1, 188 pounds], but I also like the way he plays. That's a good start for us." Mike Hamlin is ready to compete for the job after getting off to a slow start as a rookie. He fractured his right wrist against San Francisco in the preseason and played in six games on special teams.

    Source: Star-Telegram
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    I think AOA is gonna be there eventually, or Atogwe shortly
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    Atogwe would be amazing but I am wondering if he is going to demand too much money. If the Cowboys really like AOA then why give Atogwe a multi-year deal with big money?
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    Because that would allow for AOA to be brought along slowly because he is very very raw as a prospect and is more than likely two years away from being ready, maybe more if he is used mainly on special teams. Signing Atogwe for 3 years is just the right amount of time. As for Ball, well I guess the Cowboys are comfortable with him until something better comes along.
  6. thats fine we'll take Atogwe
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    Sir I already called dibs.
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    I personally think it would be dumb to start Ball over Hamlin.On top of the fact that Hamlin projects as a better Safety than Ball, Ball offers alot of value as a reserve that can play CB and Safety effectivly. Not gonna be a star either place, but held his own as the NCB for a few games in 2008 and wasnt a liability in the games he stared at FS last year