Cowboys 'Going Forward' With Jason Garrett In 2014

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by markaz, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Jerry Jones has said this season that Jason Garrett isn't going anywhere. And he reaffirmed that on Tuesday, stating emphatically that the Cowboys would not fire Garrett in the wake of a third-straight 8-8 season. Additionally, Jones won't be going anywhere as GM and didn't express a need to change the coaching staff of the Cowboys.

    Get ready for another 8-8 season Cowboys fans. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity.
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    "Going forward" meaning "continuing on the same path of mediocrity and choke-happy football."
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    Other than Jerry Jones naming himself as head coach, this is nearly as boneheaded. If I'm a member of any of the other NFC East teams I'm laughing a nut off.
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    Must be alot of red hair under Jerrys desk drawer at the moment.
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    Is anyone really surprised?
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    Same article