Cowboys Jerry Jones May Limit QB Tony Romo's Action In San Diego

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by Sweets, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Cowboys owner concerned about makeshift offensive line. First, the Chicago Bears gave the quick hook to their quarterback Jay Cutler against the San Diego Chargers. Now, Jerry Jones might order up the same thing for his quarterback Tony Romo when the Dallas Cowboys visit Qualcomm Stadium Saturday night. Jones has told the NFL Network he will be cautious with Romo as right tackle Marc Colombo is shelved following arthroscopic knee surgery and left guard Kyle Kosier went out of practice Wednesday with an MCL injury. “That will cause you to kind of think about how much (time) with Romo,â€￾ Jones said. “We’re very comfortable with (left tackle Doug) Free out there. But certainly the other consideration is one that may limit Romo’s time.â€￾ The Cowboys can be a little more conservative with playing time because they will have five preseason games as they opened with the Hall of Fame Game.

    Source: National Football Post
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    Who coaches this team again?
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    My thoughts exactly..
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    its a good move, especially with all the injuries that's occuring right now. 1 series is plenty enough.
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    God do I wish that Jerry would just STFU and keep his butt out of football decisions that should be made by coaches.
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    Not gonna happen.:icon_frown: