Cowboys QB Tony Romo Wants To Play In Hall Of Fame Game

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said he wants to play in Sunday's Hall of Fame Game against the Miami Dolphins.

    "If I did play, it would be a series, whether you went eight plays or three plays, I'm not sure how much that is going to affect that," Romo said Monday, per the Cowboys' official website. "Saying that, I still want to play every time I suit up. Every time I step out there, your juices are flowing and you want to compete. From that perspective, yeah. But whatever the coaches want."

    Coming off back surgery this offseason, Romo will be brought along slowly. Coach Jason Garrett originally said his quarterback was unlikely to play in the first preseason game. Romo hasn't missed a practice and said he'd go along with whatever coaches decided.

    The Cowboys have five preseason games this year, so Romo still would be on a normal preseason schedule if he sat out Sunday's superfluous contest.

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    Why not? He might suffer a season-ending season and save the Cowboys from choking away a chance at the playoffs
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    Atleast they will have a chance at the playoffs with him though. Would be a rough season if romo went down for them.
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    Just stop. You can't even hate in the correct form. "Season-ending season". Makes sense. Worry about your own teams problem. I'm sure a whole new island in Tampa won't improve things much. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I'm sure he'll get the opening drive and thats about it. IIRC he normally gets one drive in the first preseason game each preseason.

    I'm curious to see how Terrance Williams and Lance Dunbar play.
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    Great to see you back, Roy!!

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    The Cowboys have so many injuries in the OL now, I think that Tony should just step aside. Why run the risk of him getting hurt?