Dallas Cowboys Acquire Rolando McClain; Place Lee on Injured Reserve

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by rjpuckett, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. rjpuckett

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    There have been lingering questions about whether or not Sean Lee could make it back healthy to the team this season at some point. Apparently the Cowboys have come to the conclusion that Lee would not be able to make it back this season and placed him on the injured reserve list. To see my other article on the linebackers already on the roster click here. The Cowboys have also announced the acquisition of Rolando McClain by trading a 2015 sixth round pick for McClain and a 2015 7th round pick. McClain was the 8th overall selection of the Oakland Raiders in 2010 and played 3 […]

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  2. Omen

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    Hopefully this works out
  3. rjpuckett

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    Omen, I hope it works out as well. But, for what the Cowboys gave up to get McClain was basically nothing. To get a 6-3 260 pound linebacker that runs a 4.68 40 in the 6th round of the draft is unheard of. Plus, he is only 25 years old. If the Cowboys can get him back on track he could have 6 more real good years left. I think this is another great pickup for the Cowboys that could turn out to be a home run as I said in my article.
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  4. Jihad Joe

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    And if he doesnt make the roster, we dont give up anything
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  5. Buck Fenson

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    didn't he retire or something?
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    Mcclain is the best linebacker and maybe the all around best player that has played for saban since he has been at alabama.if his head is in the game,he is just as good as lee ever has been!
  7. Jihad Joe

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    Problem is McClain too often doesnt with his head since he left Saban. And thats made Lee a good LB.

    They are looking at him at Mike, but I think he may be more suited to the Sam in our scheme. At Mike he will have to play in a deep zone whereas at Sam he is playing more downhill and can be more physical at the line with easier coverage assignments
  8. rjpuckett

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    Jihad, That is a very good point about McClain maybe being a better fit at the Sam instead of the Mike because of less coverage responsibilities. I have not really thought about that. I am still getting used to this Tamp 2 stuff. But, they really need his size inside. One thing I have learned in my 13 years of being a high school football coach is that you must adjust your scheme to the players you have, you have to be flexible. Maybe they should put the best three out there and move them around based on the down and distance situations. It seemed to me that during the OTAs the best coverage linebackers were Carter and Durant. They worked a lot in the Dime defense I believe I read. I also think Rod Marinelli will be a very good fit with McClain. From what the players say they really like playing for him. Maybe he can relight his fire and get him going in the right direction.
  9. Jihad Joe

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    I gotta say, Broaddus see's it differently then I do. When he broke the film down he saw a coverage LB who was erratic VS the run and wore down.

    However, I really dont see McClain as a serious contender right now for Mike. Even if he gets his crap together ( huge if) he has been out of football for a year. When the dust settles, I think Hitchens is the week 1 starter
  10. rjpuckett

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    Jihad, You might be right. But at least he gives them another good athlete that can get in there and compete. Hopefully he will get his stuff together and reach his potential. He must get in shape!!! Like you said especially after taking last year off. But as i have said earlier the history of players in the NFL says that generally defensive players have their best seasons between the ages of 26-30. So he has his best years ahead of him.