Dallas Cowboys Biggest Questions Entering 2014 Season

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    With the end to OTAs and the beginning of training camp it is time to analyze the biggest questions facing the Dallas Cowboys heading into the 2014 season. The biggest questions heading into camp are can the Cowboys’ offensive line keep Tony Romo healthy, can Brandon Weeden be a capable backup, do the Cowboys have a legitimate backup running back for DeMarco Murray, which defensive ends will be the most productive, who will be the starting middle linebacker, and who will be the starting free safety. Dallas Cowboys Biggest Question: Can the Cowboys OL keep Tony Romo healthy? The Dallas Cowboys did a great job […]

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    Just not sure that you can point to individual problems when the biggest problem actually got worse in the off-season....the entire defense. Even if Romo is never sacked and remains healthy the entire year, what can he realistically do in the wins column if the defense is giving up mega-points and mega-yards per game? On a position-by-position basis, Dallas seems to have 11 problems on defense. Not hatin' on Dallas, and maybe they'll surprise everyone, but comparing where they are now (personnel wise on defense) vs. last year, they really do appear worse off.
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    They players they lost arent nearly as big an issue as people think. Ware missed alot of games last year, has been dinged up alot the past two years and has been a shell of his former self. The biggest issue there is the man we drafted to replace him is going to be out the next month.

    Dallas defense should improve. They could have a very solid intiror DL, and when Spencer and D-Law are healthy will have a decent rotation at the DE spots. On the back end Claiborne has came in possessed, shut Williams down in TC and has been screaming for Dez and Wilcox has been locking down the FS spot.

    The D will improve. The problem is they are mostly still not gonna crack the top 20, which still makes it not a very good unit.

    The Cowboys could have a very good, potentially dominant offense. However if I had to single out a player who will make or break the season as far as being 8-8 VS. 10-6 its Mo Claiborne. Carr is decent but not a #1 CB. To win close games with a mediocre to bad D we need a CB that can make plays and/or get those crucial stops VS teams top WR. Claiborne is the only CB on the roster with that ability
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    Markaz, I disagree with you about the Cowboy defense being worse than last year. Jihad Joe did a great job explaining the defense in the upcoming season and I agree with most of what he said. The interior of the DL will be very much improved with the additions of Henry Melton, who I feel was one of the big steals during free agency and Terrell McClain. Those two guys will help tremendously if they can stay healthy. The loss of Sean Lee is bad for the Cowboys, but finding an athlete like Rolando McClain is huge and is looking pretty good in camp so far. I am a fan of Bruce Carter at the WLB and think he is gonna have a big year. Kyle Wilber has also looked very good according to reports at SLB. At the CB position Jihad lieks Claiborne the best, but I am more of an Orlando Scandrick fan myself. But, like Jihad said, if Claiborne stays healthy he does have the best ability. I really believe the Cowboys are better, BUT their schedule is BRUTAL!!
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    I think it all depends on the health of one Tony Romo.

    In yesterday's Dallas Morning News, Babe Laufenberg, who was the backup QB behind Tony Aikman, told Cowboys fans to not be surprised if Brandon Weeden starts a few games this season. Babe has had two back surgeries just like Romo. Babe is in Oxnard covering the Cowboys. He was in the production truck a few days ago when a back spasm hit him and brought him to him knees. No one touched him.
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    Ragman, I agree with you in that Romo will miss a few games this year that Weeden will need to start. I think the Cowboys have enough weapons offensively that Weeden can come in and win a game or two. The question is whether the defense can hold up enough when Romo is out. I think they can. Heck with the defense the Cowboys had last year they held the Eagles in check and should have won the last game of the season to make the playoffs. That is even with Orton throwing 2 INTs and Murray fumbling in the red zone. But to also protect Romo they need a strong running game. That is why I have been hollering that the Cowboys need a true legitimate backup for DeMarco Murray. Not these little scat backs that the Cowboys seem to love so much. They need a guy that has the size and speed to be productive and stay healthy.
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    Randle is an everydown type, but probably just not that good.

    I think what could do the Cowboys on more then an injury to Romo is a steep decline for Romo. His arm has weakened noticeably the past two years, and I think he has potential to be this years Matt Shaub. I think Garrett made a huge mistake not pushing to draft Manziel or Bridgewater because he needs to win to keep his job and if Romo goes Shaub, he needs to be able to pull him.

    I personally think Bridgewater should have been the 16th overall pick
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    Jihad, Being a Cowboy fan, I hope you are wrong. I do like Randle, but he is only 198 pounds and for the NFL the prototype size for a RB is around 5'11 220, so he is about 20 pounds underweight. Now, that might not sound like much, but when you try to add 20 pounds of weight to an athlete that is a whole bunch. Plus at the size he is he needs to be faster, he needs to be in the 4.3 or 4.4 speed, and he is reported to be around 4.6. I would not have drafted Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater, or Carr in the first round. To succeed at the QB position you have to depend on so many other players and none of them fit all the characteristics that I believe make them ready to come in and play right away. Even though I really enjoy watching Manziel play. I personally could not be more pleased with who they drafted in Zack Martin at #16. He is a prototype OG and could be moved to tackle when Doug Free leaves or retires, or you could leave him at OG and play for a long long time.
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    The biggest question should be; will the Cowboys defense as a whole be able to hold up during the 2014 season? Do they have the personnel to get them past an average 8-8 season? I'm not so sure. Sean Lee is lost for the season, and even before that, things were looking pretty dismal. Dallas' Offense will be fun to watch as always, but the Defense will struggle.