Disgruntled Goalie Scores On His Own Net, Flips Off Coaches, Skates Off The Ice

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    With three minutes remaining, and Farmington up by one, Krause corralled the puck behind the goal. The video picks up there as he skates it in front and casually slips it into his own net. He sends a middle finger to his bench, fires off a salute, and skates back to the locker room. The game was tied, and Farmington—with a third-string goalie in net, the sophomore was out with an injury—would concede another goal a minute later to lose.

    Source: Disgruntled Goalie Scores On His Own Net, Flips Off Coaches, Skates Off The Ice Forever [UPDATE]
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    Not even reading the story and already it's funny and awesome.
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    Ha. That is so fantastic.
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    I wish I could have done that to my baseball coach.
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    i for one cant wait and hope the whole sport of hockey just dies off

    high school coaches think they are hot crap

    good for that kid to stick it to em
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    Sounds like a selfish little crap to me.
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    I'd like to know the "whole" back story...but yeah, a little punk...lol.
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    eh, obviously it wasn't a classy move but there are very few high schoolers that make classy decisions.
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    Well if its like my high school baseball coach I would have done the same thing. Some coaches play "their" kids rather than let everyone get a chance. Or he was playing a friends kid despite the teams request.
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    Lol so I'm guessing he won't be playing for that team anymore.
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTOKJTRHMdw]Half Baked - Screw You! - YouTube[/ame]
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    have you ever heard of a gruntled hockey player?